Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 14 – A TV Show You’re Currently Addicted To

IT'S FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! (David Haynes voice)  Every work day I look forward to this day... one day closer to sleeping in... and by that I mean waking up at my regular Mon - Fri time, but having the option of just laying there until a little 4 year old presses me out for some breakfast and cartoons!  ;-) 

Moving on... there are PLENTY of shows that I'm currently addicted to. Where should I begin?!  How about with the reruns and then I'll work my way up to the most current.  Of course these are in no particular, because I can't say what's my favorite... in anything.  LOL!

Girlfriends.... ohhhh, where do I begin?!  I absolutely LOVE Joan!  She's so pretty, and has a wonderful sense of humor, I love her big hair, and she's just the bestest!  Lynn, she's so effing funny! Mya, Oh Hell No, Mya... FUNNY!  And she's married to my childhood crush, that Khalil dude.  Toni, love her too... And William, I know most folks (dudes mostly) think he's gay or whatever, but to me, he's just as important as anyone else on the show!  This is overall one of the bestest shows that I love to watch.  I love when I'm home on the weekend, and catch up on the marathons!  I would love to see this show come back, like The Game did... or become a movie, a la Sex & the City.

The Game, The Game, The Game.... ohhhh how I loveeeeee this show! Tasha Mack... she's so ghetto, always threatening to pull out her gun... "Tasha gonna get her gun, we scared, we scared!"  Hahahaha!  But you got to love her! Malik El Debarge Wright, he's such a womanizer!  Kelly Pitts, she was a good one... I just wanted her to get her baby hair together, but I can totally understand why she can't (thinking back to my daughter's hair)... oh if you haven't noticed I'm going off the "original" show.  The new one ain't got ish on this one.  Jason Pitts, he's soooo funny!  "Dip and Pitts!!"  Okay, that was from the newer season, but overall, he's one of my faves.  Melanie "Med School" Barnett, love love loveeee her! And Derwin... just had a brain fart!  Can't remember his last name!  Hahahaha!  Ughhh, anyways... I would loveee to catch the marathons on this show.  Like I've never seen them before I would be glued to the tv.  Ohhhh, almost forgot about Tee Tee!  That guy is funny!  (i need to broaden my vocab - love and funny?! whatevvv, if you don't like it, start your own blog!  ;-)  just joshing!)  Okay, so I find this show as one of my top faves.  I'm so happy that BET was able to pick it up, I just hope they do a little bit more with the upcoming season.  I know lots of folks didn't care for it too much, but I did.  I mean I'm a fan!  I'm going to like it regardless, and I'm thankful that it was picked back up.  Bring on the hour long episodes BET! 

I just want to know how can you be "African American" and not like this show?! I was about to say "black"...  It's because of this show, that we have so many greats... In my opinion!  This was the show back when I was in elem and middle school.  If you didn't watch it the night before school, you were pretty much left out of the talks on the bus and at lunch.  LOL!  Sucks to be you!  Hahaha!!  This show is funny and I'm glad that it still comes on!!  I still get plenty of laughs out of it!  And a special shout out to Shanehneh Jenkins!  LMBO!  Martin rocks!  Point Blank Period!  ahahahah!!

My Wife And Kids... although a lot of the stuff they did was corny, I loved it regardless!  LOL!  Tisha (Gina/Jay) is lucky... she's on 2 of my most fave shows!  I love Damon Wayans, he's so stinking funny to me.  And the way that he treats the kids... LOVE IT!

Okay, so that's enough of my reruns.... let's get with the REALITY SHOWS!  They are my weakness! 

I LOVE the Simmons' family!  They are probably my most favorite family... maybe even more than my own.  LMBO!  I'm only serious!  Sike... Angela and Vanessa, they are the (even with their own show - although it wasn't as cool).  Diggy is so cool (or should I say was...)... JoJo and Russy, they alright... I love the love that Rev Run has for his family and especially his wife.  They are the sweetest family and when the show went off the first time, I cried... when they lost the baby, I cried... when JoJo flew his sisters back home with that money he got for his "group", I cried... LMBO!  Love this show and if it does come back on, I'll be the first to watch it!  ;-)

I loved watching The Braxton's Family Values (I had to sing the theme song in my head when I typed that. LOL)... Tamar was a!  She reminds me so much of someone from my past... Towanda and her issues with her husband.  YIKES!  "I love you like I love my mom..." Evelyn and her "snow men" was funny... How about "you lay it low and you lay it wide..." is that what she said to her ex??  LMBOOOO!!  Toni... she was okay on the show.  Traci, poor thing... she just wants her time to shine.  And Trina, my fave of the bunch!  I can't wait to see what the next season will bring.

I don't know what it is about this chick right here... but I LOVEEEEE this show.  And I don't know how she does it, but I'm crying on like almost every single show.  LMBO!  Toya A Family Affair is so real to me...  My mom wasn't strung out on drugs, my father doesn't have 20+ kids, my brother didn't go to jail for robbery, and I don't have a daughter by a famous rapper (don't let him tell you any different...)  But this show gets me everytime... I need to stop trying to hold back the tears and just let them out!  Hahaha!

I'm trying to think of what else I watch... I know it's more...  Ohhhhh here's a few addictions that I watch with my daughter.

Shake It Up, this show is so funny!  I often find myself watching it even when my daughter isn't in the room....

Good Luck Charlie!  Definitely a good comedy for the family!  The kids are soooo funny! 

Phineas and Ferb!!!  This is one of my most favorite cartoons... I had to make sure I found a pic with Dr. Doofensmerts (I'm sure I jacked that name up...)  LOL! 

Of course there are plenty of other shows that I'm addicted to... but this is long enough!  Most recently tho, I started watching Storage Auctions... it shows folks bidding on different storage units hoping to make some money from the "junk" left inside.  Talk about amazing! 

Anywho.... let me go, I've been here long enough!  Enjoy your weekend!  ;-)

EDIT  I forgot about my most recent VH1 addictions!!!

Single Ladies... This show is really good.  I get upset when my daughter isn't sleep so I can watch it when it comes on the first time... Thank God for DVR! 

Basketball Wives.... Ohhhhhhhh, how did I forget about this show?!?!?!  I really really need for them to do a full marathon, so I can watch season 1, because I don't remember anything from it!  All the drama from these chicks... LOVE IT!  LOL!  Suzi, Royce, Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer, and Meeka...!  But I really enjoy watching it, and I can't wait for next week's episode! 

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