Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 6 – A Photo Of An Animal You’d Love To Keep As A Pet

Let me just start off by saying... I'm a little scared of animals!  As a child, I always wanted a puppy... asked for one a couple of times, really random... but every time I asked for one, my mom popped up preggos!  LMBO!  After a while, I learned to not ask for a puppy otherwise I'll get a brother instead.  Hahaha!  She'll probably kill me if she knew I said that.  But that's how I felt as a kid.  It wasn't until a few months ago I got my first pet.  And it's not even mine, it's my daughters... and since she's only 4, I have to care for the darn thing.  She adores animals (remember Elmira??  yeah that's her...) and wanted to get a fish and a hampster... Hampsters totally gross me out, so I decided to get her a fish.  She named her Sharese.  She's a beta fish.  Pet Smart told me that those are the easiest for any newbies.  I let my daughter pick out a few items to decorate Sharese's home with.  I thought it was the perfect thing for her.  She was so excited!!  Now, a few months later, Sharese (new name Squirmey The Fish) isn't so exciting.  Her tank hasn't been cleaned in well over a month, she stinks, and I almost killed her the last time I did clean her tank.  Every few days my daughter asks if Squirmey is dead yet.  Yea, not exciting at all! 

Moving on to the topic of the day...

I would LOVE to have this pet!

A caramel toy poodle!  Awwww!!!  She's soooo cute!!  If not a caramel colored toy poodle, then a black one! I would name her something crazy like KILLA!  Hahaha!  Just looking at the picture really makes me want to go to the pet store to look at some!  But... reality sets in.  Dogs stink!  At least to me they do.  And I heard that you aren't supposed to wash them every day.  PEW!  Also, thinking about all of the issues that they have, I'll have to get insurance for that thing.  And that's like having another child!  I'll have to wait until I'm married!!  I'm not trying to be a single mother to a 4 year old and a cute little caramel toy poodle!  But on a more positive side, just look at how cute she is!!!!  She could go every where with me.  I'll dress her up, buy her a little travel bag, so she can go to the mall with me, out to eat.  She's so stinking cute!  I love you little KILLA!!

Note to self... don't tell mommie - I couldn't take another brother!