Saturday, December 15, 2012


I know its been a while since I've been here. My fault! Between the girls, work, & life time really gets away from me. I literally feel like I'm in that movie "Groundhog Day!" Well just a quick update on the little ones... Stabs is reading so well!! And Wolfie is starting to walk. I <3 those girls so much! Today is the first day in over 9 months that me & my boo have gotten a much needed break!! His mom loves her grands & have been asking for months if they can stay the night. I'm always cautious because they have the worst sleeping habits. I don't want to put her in a bad spot. You know?! Well he took it upon himself to set this up. So kudos to him! We're out now enjoying each others company. I was thinking about you, so I decides to update. Ok, gotta go... until next time!! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I don't know why this time of the day is so difficult. We do the same things Sunday thru Thursday. Why must I threaten these two little girls almost every night. It's never how it is in the movies... read a book, brush your teeth, prayers & kisses... nope! Never that... I'm yelling, they're playing & laughing. I never get to go cuddle with my dude, have a glass of wine & read a book by the fireplace.  As stressful as it is to put these 2 to sleep, almost always, I'm going to sleep with them. I'm so looking forward to the day when I can have the movie style bedtime... I know that's in the future tho. Hopefully sooner than later... welp the baby is sleep, so now I can go. Stabs will just have to fall asleep... don't worry, she's used to it. I remember when she was younger, I would pretty much lay my arm on her so she couldn't move around. Gotta use force to put these kids to sleep! Lol! Ok, good night!  :-*

Thursday, November 22, 2012


As this wonderful holiday comes to a close, I decided to come give you guys a visit! I think this is one of my favorite holidays... Yup it can be in my top 5! (alongside my birthday, Christmas, 4th of July & Memorial Day - kickoff summer!) Okay, so this holiday was bittersweet. I'll start with the sweets! One of my favorite couples are engaged!! I'm so super excited for them! :-D I was able to help my grandma with dinner & I think I got the hang of a few items... yup, I was keeping my eyes open. Lol! I was able to spend time with my <3's family. Now on the bitter side... I didn't get to hang with my dad or his side of my family. My brother & uncle wasn't able to come home. I got a little sick from drinking too much too fast. LOL! I guess that was my own fault. Also, I wasn't able to get it in like I normally do... I guess that's a good thing considering this trick asked me what I was having yesterday at Pizza Hut... "thats fat b*tch!" Lmbooo!!! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Please be safe out there if you plan on going shopping on Black Friday. Love you loves!!!

Oh!! I'm thankful for beautiful happy healthy smart girls! I'm thankful for my awesome relationship with my <3! I'm thankful for my family & friends. I'm thankful for second, third, & forth chances. I'm thankful for the future.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I don't think there is any parent out there that doesn't feel what I'm feeling right now that my little Wolfie is sick. I just want this little cold to get lost! Kick rocks!! All of the above. I'm thankful that it is something slight. But I don't want it to turn into something major. Say a prayer for us please!

Today must've been one of "those" days for me. I wish I could've gotten a reset button! I need to redo the last week!! I just realized that I need to be a lot more responsible when it comes to certain things. But back to today. I'm up making breakfast for the fam. Bacon, sausage, grits & eggs. I wanted to do something quick because I planned to go to church. Well, I like to make my bacon in the oven, its just so much more easier & yummier! Lol! So I go to flip my second batch & put it back in the oven, and out of nowhere I can feel my skin cooking!!!!!!! The damn grease done rolled onto my hand. It was the most painful feeling. Mannnnnn I wanted to curse a few people out, cry, and yell at the same time. I iced it for the remainder of the day, but I'm still in pain. Lord I need a redo for this day. So thankful I have tomorrow off to try to get things in order.

More so, I pray that my baby feels better!!  <3

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Goodness I totally forgot to blog yesterday. Yesterday was Election Day!! After a wonderful day with my grandmother & our girls, we stopped by the polls to cast our vote. It was such an honor to go vote and take my daughter with me!! She had a mock election at school, so Monday evening she told me "Old-bama" won in her school... and for him to actually win again!!!!! Wow!! Those kids knew huh?! I was in such a rush to get her to school on time, I forgot to tell her. I'll tell her later!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Okay, so I was sad earlier because my job blocked my site... but thanks to a good friend, I downloaded the app & I'm back in business!! Lord I need to invest in a computer,laptop, tablet... something!! But just like me & the cell phone thing. I just can't see myself using that much money on something like that. I have so much to say! I'll have to  break it down in a few post later. But I'm glad to be back. I thought I would go crazy! This is actually making me want to get a better phone now. Lol! Smooches until next time!!  :-*

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

...hurricane sandy...

Thank God we survived Hurricane Sandy!!  THANK YOU GOD!!!  

So there was a hurricane that came thru the area... thankfully it didn't hit us as hard as "they" were expecting. New York, New Jersey, and other states weren't as fortunate.  I think the past 3 days I've watched the news more than I have all year.  That's how serious this was.  I wanted to know all about it, where it was.  My babe, I, and Wolfie went to church on Sunday.  I just feel so much better.  I feel like I'm starting the week off on the right foot.  I love going to church!  I feel so guilty when I want to go, and for whatever reason I can't make it.  Speaking of which, I need to send this email that honors my Pastor.  He rocks!  Looking for a church to go to??  Try Zion Church!

Okay, so elections are coming up.  I've tried to do early voting twice already.  But the lines were just too long for me.  I wanted to go in and get out... I didn't have time to do it before.  I'm hoping that I'm able to get it done tomorrow... otherwise I'll be in the lines with everyone else November 6th.  

Ummm.... I can't think of anything else that I need to update myself on.  SO, back to work I go!  Have a blessed day!