Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 3 – Your Idea Of The Perfect First Date

Sorry!!  I had a little getaway this weekend and was chilling HARD so I didn't have any time to blog like I wanted to... But I have been thinking about this day...

The last "perfect first date" that I went on was just that... "perfect"!  We decided to do something that neither of us had the opportunity to do before.  I think that's best idea for any first time daters... Do something that's not your norm.  And it doesn't have to be an expensive extravagent date.  At least for me, just spending time, getting to know that other person is more than enough.  So back to me and my last "perfect first date"...  We decided to go to the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, MD.  I've been saying that I wanted to go every year since the beginning of time, but for some reason or another I just never got the chance to go.  I said I wanted to take my daughter there (back in her stroller days), and never went... so when he told me that he never went there either, I thought it would be perfect.  The weather was awesome, it was a fall day, but it was sunny and a nice breeze.  We walked around took a few pictures.  (I'm going to try my hand with uploading... if it works, they'll be at the bottom! ...if it doesn't work, give me a few months!  LOL)  So, we walked around, talked, enjoyed the view, and eventually got something to eat.  We decided to try out Cadillac Ranch... the food was so good!  Anyone that goes out to eat with me knows I'm a simple eater... so let me get some cheese fries (or potato skins - EVEN BETTER! you better have plenty of sour cream lol), buffalo wings (extra saucy!) and a salad and I'm =D (<--- smiley face).  That's exactly what we had and it was so good! <--- check them out if you haven't already.  We went again recently and this time we got a little treat... This middle age lady attempted to ride the bull!  The funniest part was she couldn't even get up on that thing!  We sat there watching for about an hour... folks were crowding around, pulled out their cell phones.  I'm sure there's a youtube clip floating around somewhere...  But anyway, back to the "perfect first date"... 

NICE! - Fabolous voice!  LOL!!

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