Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 4 – Your Favorite Photograph Of Your Best Friend

Ugh... I just tried to post a few pics yesterday and I wasn't able to... So I'll try this again!  Before I do that, I just want to set the tone, so you'll know just why this is my "favorite photograh of my best friend".  Imagine being on vacation with your family and closest friends.  A group of you are staying in a gorgeous house in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Every day you are able to do something different, shop, go to the beach, go to Disney World... well how about slap dab in the middle of the week, you witness your bestest friend getting married to the guy of her dreams!  Awwww!!  It was indeed a special occasion.  The day is May 12, 2010... The weather is PERFECT!  Every single day of that week my daughter woke me up saying, "Mommie, it's a beautiful day! It's wake up time!!"  And she was right, every single day it was beautiful.  80 to 85 degrees.  Nice breeze.  Just amazing!!  I loved it... cue music "Moment for Life"... YES!!  I wish I could be there right now!!  Okay... moving on, this pic was taken moments before walked out of the room.... We were both dressed, make up done, hair done... Beautiful!  I'm so very thankful that I was a part of her wedding.  I'm so very thankful that I was able to be there and walk down the aisle before her.  Everything about that day, that week was just perfect!  I know I keep using the same adjectives... but seriously it was perfect!  it was beautiful!

SICEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD MEEEEEE!!!!  I'm so happy I was able to upload it... Yesterday I was saying F. My Blog because I couldn't get the pics to upload.  Hahaha!  Just popped my bubble!  Sorry it looks blurry, but we were literally about to walk out, and I just wanted to get one last shot of me and my bestie before she became a married woman!  LOL!  Love ya girl!!  Thanks for everything!!

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