Tuesday, July 5, 2011

...back 2 reality... or whatever!

Although I was only off for 3 days, I feel like it was a mini vacay.  This weekend was great! 

I got off a little early on Friday, some complained that we didn't get off early enough, but I was happy with the 30-45 minutes!  So I went home and got my daughter dressed for her "brother's" 1st birthday.  She told me the night before that she wanted to wear 80's clothes with a princess crown.  I was thinking to myself, you know it's not YOUR birthday, but whatever!  So we went to that place, where a kid can be a kid... Chuck E. Cheese!!  I normally can't stand going to the one closest to me, because that's where all the weekend daddies come with their carload of kids and the mommas come looking at the weekend daddies trying to be next in line!  But nonetheless, my daughter and I enjoyed our time there.  We went early enough that there wasn't too many people.  I didn't feel like I *HAVE* to keep my eye on her at all times.  If I sat at the table, I could easily spot her out in the crowd... note to self, picking the yellow shirt and bright blue skirt was right on time!  She had a really good time!  I just cracked up at the pictures that she took of herself with my phone.  At the end of spending a cup full of tokens, playing as many games as she could to get the most tickets, she was able to get a gift to take home... she picked the glow in the dark vampire teeth!  She had too much fun with those things... and now that she's moved on to the next toy, I think I should toss those things!  Harsh?! 

Moving on to Saturday... I knew it was going to be a hot day, so I invited my youngest brother to come over to join us for bowling (shout out to AMF and the free passes!) or swimming (shout out to my development for the free passes!) or both... I'm all for free activities!  After being super lazy and not making a move until almost 6, the kids decided to go swimming... even better - didn't have to use up my gas! So we get to the pool and it was practically empty.  There were a few people here and there, but everyone was able to have their own space and not feel like they were bothering anyone else... UNTIL... some others came and pretty much blew up the spot.  These kids were between 8 and 15 and got on my last nerve!  Working where I work, I know kids don't respect their elders or authority, so as long as they weren't messing with me or mine, I left those hoodrats alone! 

Okay, so Sunday, we went to the Wood residence for a cookout.  The food was so good!  Drinks were so good!  Everyone had a good time!  My daughter and a few other kids got in the kiddie pool. Some other kids were riding bikes, scooters, running around... just having a good time!  The adults were listening to music, talking and stuffing their faces!  About halfway thru, I decided to go inside and enjoy the air condition, so I took the newest member of the family inside with me... Mommy's Little Situation! ;-)  A hour or so later, everyone started bringing food inside... I thought it was because of the nets, but after they were done, it POURED!  Lightening, thunder, and lots and lots of rain!!  The lights flickered a few times, but thankfully they didn't go out.  It was so nice to have so many people that you care about in 1 location... catching up on what's been going on and laughing about the past.  Good times indeed!! 

On Monday, Independence Day, I stayed in... I went back to my lazy self and caught up on some much needed rest.  I cooked, laid down, watched tv, laid down, and then around 5p got up to do a massive cleaning!  I started in the bathroom and worked my way out.  My daughter thinks cleaning up her toys means pushing them to the wall, so I cleaned up all of her stuff as well.  Then I realized if I wanted to go to work this week, I was going to need to wash some clothes... I'm so thankful I have a place with a washer/dryer unit inside!  Otherwise, I would be a dirty mo-fo!  Around 7ish, I knew I wasn't going to go out like I wanted, so I started dinner, oven fried chicken, brown rice, and string beans.  My daughter always gives me a boost "Mommie, this is the best chicken I ever had!"  ;-)  It's the little things like that, that I love about her!  She almost always knows when something is wrong with me and gives me kisses to make me feel better.  Unfortunately we didn't go see the fireworks!  I really wanted to go, but on Sunday, I got a flat tire!!  ='(  Talk about an FML moment!  So yesterday, instead of going out early in the day, I loafed around! No energy, no motivation, no drive to want to do anything .  Talk about independent! 

On my way in this morning, my donut tire was making a noise... I think it's on it's way to becoming flat!  Ughhh!!  This car!  I'll just leave it at that... talking about that car, I could write a story!

 Thinking back to the happier times of my weekend...  I wish I would've gotten more pics!

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