Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 21 – A Photo Of Something That Makes You Happy

It took me a while to finally do this challenge...  There are sooo many things that makes me happy.  Are people considered things??  Well, today they will be.  This is in no particular order.

God - when I think of how awesome He's been to me and my fam, I'm extremely thankful!! 
My daughter - it is because of her, that I do half of what I do... the other half is emotion or just my foolishness!  LOL!
My <3 - Thank you! ;-)
My Family - Love love loveeee them... and I especially love spending time with them
My "Fam" - my closer than close girls, I so appreciate them and what they contribute to my life, those crazy kids that I adore!!! And those guys that mean so much to me...  =D
My lipgloss - you have no idea!
Most recently mints - Yum!
My bloggggg - I can be who I want to be, say what I want to say, just do me... I really wish I would've followed thru with this before.

est. 04.21.07 this chick holds a special spot in my heart.  i've known since she was growing up in me (LMBO!) that she was going to be awesome!  she is a true blessing... i can't believe that i was chosen to be your mom!  you are the best.  i love you more than i could ever express.  you are smart, beautiful, full of life... blessed!  that's what you are!  ;-)  when i look at who you were and who you are now, you bring tears to my eyes.  such a pretty little girl... whatever you want, it's yours... i love you ALJthe2nd!

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