Friday, September 16, 2011's FRIDAYYYY!!!...

GM Beautiful People!  I'm so happy it's Friday!  But you want to know what I'm not happy about?!  This weather!!!  Seriously!  I couldn't get a warning??  Yesterday morning it was a little cool, like it has been for the past week or so.  But I just knew it was going to warm up a bit.  I had to go to a "training" for my job, which was really a conference, multiple speakers, no one trained me on anything, but I was happy to be out of the office doing work!  Butttt, as I was saying, when we were dismissed from the training, I had to fast walk to my car!  Anyone that knows me, knows I'm not running!  LOL!  But it was seriously cold yesterday.  Then I think it just got finished raining, the wind chill factor was BURR!  And it didn't get any better... as the night came upon us, it just got colder and colder!  I don't like it!  I feel like I'm never prepared for the fall/winter months.  And every year I say the same thing... I need this, I need that... well this year, I need it all!  I need to go on a serious shopping spree!  FOR ME!!  But I already know how that will turn out... I'll hate trying on stuff, get tired of it, or will just not find anything... and I will end up getting stuff for my daughter, or something unnecessary!  Like food!  "Hey friends, let's go out to dinner, I'll treat!"  Like I got that Arab money!  Hahahaha!! 

Yesterday since I was in training all day, and at my besties all evening, I wasn't able to give my mom a bday shout out!  So here we go!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMIE!!!  I love youuuu soooo much!  Thanks for all that you do!  You are the best!  I pray that you are blessed with an excellent year!  I'm proud of you!  You are my shero!  LOL!  Enough with the gay stuff!  But I can't wait for our... I mean, your bday dinner!  YUM!  I want to try this out... if Paula Dean does it, oh you know it's nothing but the truth!  My bestie makes this, and let me tell you...... MANE!!!!  BOMB!!!  YUMMM!!!  I haven't asked her yet... but I may surprise her with the ingredients one day so she can make me some.  LOL!  As a matter of fact... the last time she made some at my house, she left 2 of the main ingredients... need to check the expiration date! 

I love celebrating birthdays just like that next one... But I don't know who thought it would be funny to have all of these birthdays back to back to back in September!  My grandmom Cindy, my great grandmother, my aunt Donya, Mommie, sister Chantece, Daddy, brother Torrie, little nephew/cousin/friend CJ, friend Tee... I know I'm missing someone! SMH  I don't need anyone else to be born in September!  So whatever it is that these folks parents were doing in NovDecJan whatever.... please stop!  No more please!

Have a beautiful weekend!  "Smile, Jesus Loves You!"

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