Monday, September 19, 2011

...monday again...

Good morning, good morning, gooooooddddd morninggggggg!!!  Please don't think I'm that happy this morning!  It's still chilly willy's out... and normally when I wake up at 6, I can see the sun peaking thru... Not today... at 6:20 something, it was still dark out!  WTHECK?!  Football, I blame you!  Click the link... that's my "football is gay" pic!  Hahaha!!  And before you say something about the other sports... yeah they may be too, but I'm not talking about them!  I'm talking about football!!  I don't like it... Have I mentioned my reasonings why I don't like it?  Well, you're not getting it today!  LOL!

Okay, so this weekend was awesome!  I was trying to think of what I did on Friday, but I have no clue... so lets just say I went to the club and got pissy drunk! So drunk that I can't remember anything!!  LOL LOL!  That soooo didn't happen!  Knowing me, I went home, laid down and didn't get up until Saturday.  Yeahhh, that sounds about right.

Saturday, I went to my mom's to celebrate her birthday.  My BG & I cooked this crazy huge meal... my mom invited a few friends over to watch the Mayweather/Ortiz fight, so we had to make sure the folks with the drinks didn't get sick!  LOL!  The food was good... so good!  But we were so tired after all that cooking.  One thing that I did notice, my family will fry up everythinggg!!  We are going to have to work on that... Fried foods does taste good, but I think we have a problem!  Okay, so the fight...mannnnnnnn!!!  Let me tell you about this fight!  Between my mother, brother, and myself, we were on the phone with Verizon double, maybe triple the time of the fight...  for our troubles, thankfully, we didn't have to pay!  Yayyy Verizon!  Ohhh, but back to the fight... so I was so tired!!!, from cooking, and it being past my scheduled bedtime.  (i'm such an old lady!)  So the first few rounds, there's nothing to write home about... but during the 4th round, Ortiz headbutted Mayweather.  I don't know what I was looking at, because I missed it.  But everyone in at the party was yelling!  O apologizes and kisses M!  HAHA!!  The ref makes them touch gloves, they do that, and O wants to give M another hug, and probably another kiss... so with O's arms out to give him a hug, M takes this time to sucker punch O!  HAHAHA!!!  EVERYONE was caught off guard, and in another second, he does it again!  This time a little harder.  He ends up knocking M out!  Ref guy first tries to get O up, but I guess he realizes that he needs to do his ref duties... and starts to count.  O goes out like a sucker and just stays down.  Next thing I know the fight is over!  4 rounds!!  Mayweather needs to give some folks their money back!  At least half!  I don't understand why fights cost so much and they only last 30 minutes!  But the funniest part about the fight, was Mayweather arguing with Larry Merchant (goes to goggle to make sure I have the right name! ....and I do!  Yay me!!).  When you get a chance, if you didn't already see it, go to youtube and look it up.  I just *knew* something was about to pop off against those 2!  All in all, it was a good day!! 

Sunday, mannnnn... I was soooo tired!  All I wanted to do was nothing!  LOL!  After doing a lot of nothing, I finally got up and went back to my mom's house... she got a whole lot of crabs and I didn't want them to go to waste!  LOL!  I stayed there for a while, eating and talking with the family.  By the time I got back home, I got myself and my daughter ready for bed.

Did I tell you that I love spending time with my family??  They are the bestest!! 

Happy belated (although I spoke with her yesterday) birthday to my sister!!  Love you girl!  You 21 now!  Don't go too crazy!!  LOL!

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