Tuesday, December 20, 2011

...merry Christmas...

Today, we had a Christmas party at my job.  It was cool!  I feel like someone is trying to get me into the Christmas spirit.... and to be honest with you, for a moment, I felt like I was there.  But then... me being the Scrooge that I am, snapped out of it...  all it took was a few Christmas songs... like 20 minutes worth!  LMBO!  I could picture me taking the little knife out of my pocket to slice my ears off!  But for some reason I stayed!  And listened!  I don't know why I feel like that during the songs... but I just do.  There's one song that I don't feel like that to...  and it goes...  "walking in the winter, wonderland...."  of course there's more to it, but that's the part that stands out the most...  When I was in elementary school, I had to sing that song in like the 3rd or 4th grade.  I don't know why I still remember it.  But I do. 

Thankfully I have a few days off to spend with my little ray of sunshine.  But I need to also use this time to get some much needed Christmas shopping completed.  Yes.  I haven't finished.... and if you look at the stuff that I need to get versus the stuff that I had, you would say, I haven't really started!  I would really like to get everything done tomorrow... but considering how fast (i.e. slow) I move now-a-days, I think I'm going to have to split what I need to do into 2 days...  shooooo, maybe even 3!!  I really don't want it to be 3 tho!  I'm going to try my best to get it all accomplished.  I'm sure once I get all of my shopping done, I'll feel a little more Christmasy! 

I'm really looking forward to spending time with my family and friends.  I pray that everyone enjoys their holiday!  It's been a realllllllllllllllly long time since I've been able to visit my family in Pennsylvania.  Next year I'm going to have to be better!  I know I won't be able to go as soon as I would like... but hey, it's possible.  They have no clue how much I miss them. 

I'll be back in a few days!  Or if I'm able to get a few minutes at home, I'll be sure to check back in.  Love you!!  Enjoy!!  And Merry Christmas!!!!!!  (for all those folks that like to say x-mas... stop being lazy!!!) 

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