Thursday, December 29, 2011 holiday review...

Hey All! 

I hope your Christmas Holiday was the best!  ;-)  I really enjoyed my time off!  I decided to take a few days off before Christmas, since someone at my job decided to take a few days off after.  No more than 2 people can be off at the same time... for whatever reason!  It's foolish if you ask me!!  But anyway.... so the first few days I stayed in the house and relaxed.  I wasn't feeling too good before that, so I took this time to catch up on doing absolutely nothing!  I really loved doing that... so much that when it was time for me to get up and get out, I almost passed out!  Literally!!  I was at Target, getting some last minute items on Saturday... I got up and out the house "early" and by the time I got to the check out line, I had to sit my tail down!  I was thankful the lines weren't moving too fast, because it gave me some time to sit down and chill out before making my purchases.  When I finally made it home, I chilled out some more... made my little sunshine take a nap, and prepared myself for that evening.  I wrapped a few gifts... playing Santa!  And then made my way to game night at my friend's parents house.  Way back when we were planning this, they decided to have breakfast for dinner... I don't know why, but the food tastes soooo good in the evening.  We had waffles, potatoes, BACON, sausage, grits, fried apples, and eggs... and like I just said, the food was sooooo good!  LOL!  I had to put so much emphasis on the bacon, because I just recently (like in the last few months), decided to start cooking my bacon in the oven.... MAN OH MAN!!!  If you haven't tried it yet, you better!  Oh... and for the record, I don't do the turkey... straight pork over here!!  Hahahahahaha!!!!  Before we got started with the games, we let the kiddies open their gifts, and everyone enjoyed what they got.  My little one got a Water Wonder... Wow Water... I can't think of the name, but it's similar to an Aquadoodle, but it has more activities... she loves it!  She's been doing her own thing with that... not even asking me!  LOL!  She also got some pjs and a collector's Barbie... I told her that she can't open that up, she has to keep it in the package.  She didn't mind, because she got a lot of other dolls to play with.  I think she's grown up a little in the last few days.  She wore the pjs Christmas night, and said she wanted to wear them every day... I had to let her know that was funky, but she will definitely put them in the rotation!  And lastly, she got some hair accessories and nail polish.  She loved that as well!  She was definitely winning!  HA! 

Goodness... I went on and on and on, and haven't even gotten to Christmas yet! 

Okay, so we finally get home, I put her in the tub, put on her new pjs, and let her watch a little tv before going to sleep.  When she finally went to sleep, I wrapped up her gifts, put them under the tree and watched a little A Christmas Story... for me, it's not Christmas until you are able to watch that movie a few times... but I wasn't able to!  I kept seeing the same parts over and over again!  I didn't even see the second half of the movie... just doing too much!!

Okay, so Christmas day, I got up a little earlier than I wanted to, and started breakfast.  My brother decided he was going to wake up my little sunshine, because he didn't understand why she was still sleeping at 9am... hey, if the kid wants to sleep, I say, let her sleep!!  Because once she's up... Yikes!  LOL!  Just kidding... slightly!  She was really happy with what "Santa" gave her... as well as the other gifts that were under the tree for her.  I made a nice breakfast for the fam, cleaned up the kitchen, and got started with my day.... Well considering my state - preggers - I often have to take breaks after doing normal stuff.  So I took a little break after I cleaned up.  Got myself and my little sunshine dress... took another break.  Put some greens on for dinner, and then left out the house.  I went over to my dad's house, so m.l.s. (my little sunshine) could open her gifts.  That little girl racked up!  I wonder if she knows just how blessed she really is...  We stayed over there for a few hours, and then hunger set in.  I was starving, she was starving... so we went on our way.  I wanted to go to my grandma's house, but I wasn't feeling good.  I went back home so I could get something to eat and relax.  After this year of house hopping on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I realized, I'm going to have to start my own tradition, and have family come over to my house... next year I'm going to have 2 little ones.  One of those holidays, I'm going to have to stay in.  *Please!!*  Dinner at my mom's was sooo good!  She made ham, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, potato salad, and we had the greens that I made earlier that day.  Now that I think about it, there were 2 things missing... corn bread and biscuits!! 

All in all, I had a very good holiday!  I'm looking forward to many more awesome holidays with my family and friends!  Loveeeeee you alll!!!!!

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