Wednesday, February 29, 2012

...leap year...

So I told my bf that I was gonna blog today, but I was swamped at work. I was thisclose to going to sleep, but then decided what a perfect day... 2/29/12!, why not blog on this day. This day is so special, only comes around every 4 years!! I was anxious about this day in the past few weeks, because being so close to my delivery date, I was thinking this little joker would try to come today. Thankfully, the night is winding down, and there is a very little possibility that she will come.

The past few weeks has been up and down emotionally. I guess these hormones are getting the best of me. I told myself that I won't let the devil get me down, so I just stay prayed up... Often!

Yesterday I went to the doctors, in hopes of him saying I would need to rush to the hospital to deliver. Instead, he just told me I have a big ole belly and I need to "work" to get her out. Lmbooo!!! Also, I asked him to look up my previous weight, from the beginning of my pregnancy... i was thinking I may have gained 15 pounds or so... Nope!!! I only gained 5!!! How insane is that?!?!? That's like a record! Now I know every pregnancy is different, because with Stabs I gained between 30-35 pounds... Yikes!!!

Now is the time for me to finish up business at work, clean up at home, get little Baby A's stuff in order... You know, nesting! It's that time!!

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