Tuesday, February 14, 2012



I hope that you are all feeling the love today!  And if not... I love you!  ;-) 

Okay... so around 3a I'm up!  That's my latest schedule.  I get up, go potty, and then get on my cellie because I can't go back to sleep.  So, I see some folks saying what they hope they get.  Some others clowning the ones that are considered "side joints"... 

Okay so maybe I'm a little confused.  You are in a relationship?!  Do you show each other that you love one another every other day of the year?!  Or do you just wait for this one day so EVERYONE around you can know just how much your love is for each other?!

I've been with my dude for about a year and a half now.  I don't have to validate my love for him by going out buying little cheesy things for him.  I can do that any day of the year.  I don't want him going out buying me little cheesy things either.  Please tell me how you feel often.  Show me how you feel often.  Not just on 2.14, but every other day! 

I just went to Google and the message was very cute!  Don't go out spending this money on me, spend some time with me.  To me that's what matters the most - Quality Time!

If no one is showing you love today, show yourself some love!  Nothing better!  Stop expecting from others and start doing for yourself!

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