Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Idont know who told this site to change!!! I just had a hard time getting to the "new post" spot... So, Ive been having a hard time as of lately. I dont know what my problem is... Take that back, I do! I have a problem with overthinking, wanting things to be "perfect", and lack of sleep! Some things have been out of my control recently and its driving me bananas! (sn: whenever I spell bannas, I sing it like Im Gwen Stefani!!)I try not to be a worry wart (is it a wart or a ward??)... So it makes me look like a Dr. Jerkyl/Mr. Hyde!! Told one of my friends I felt a little bipolarish... He didnt like that! I know Im lashing out on the wrong people, and for that Im sorry. I dont remember feeling like this with Stabs... I dont know why its so hard now. 2 kids under the age of 5? Being back home? Wanting things to be my way? Not going to church & feeling lost? Either way, please pray for me. Im prayin, but it isnt working. I dont want to be crazy!! I havent talked to anyone about this, about how Im feeling. I tried to talk to my dude, but I just get overly emotional! There it is... I was overly emotional before, so now its been increased to a whole new level. On the flip side, Im looking at my beautiful baby and Im amazed at her progress. I think shes ready to crawl, shes strong enough and moves all over the place. Then theres my sweet big girl... Shes so understanding of her mommies craziness. I love these two so much and no matter what, Im going to do my best to make their life the greatest! Mommie duty calls... Peace!


  1. awww, it's ok! hormones go crazy for awhile after baby is born. it may seem like prayer isn't workin, but it is...just don't be discouraged! give urself sum room 2 be a little nuttier than usual...it'll balance out in the end. those closest 2 u will understand...as 4 other ppl, u can apologize later then they will understand too :)

  2. ^^ ditto! I agree with Nika, all will fall into place soon enough. "give urself room 2 be a little nuttier than usual" Everyone will understand and forgive. And remember to ask for help when you need it, you can't carry it all by yourself. I am praying for you. And hoping you are at least feeling a little better from when you made this post.

    Agreed on the whole site changing thing... it still drives me nuts at times.