Tuesday, October 16, 2012


GM Love-bugs!  I hope everyone is having a great day so far.

On Friday, there was a video released on WSHH, it was about a "young lady" who was being overly disrespectful to a bus driver.  From what I saw she was being loud, rude, and just an overall total mess.  I don't know if she put her hands on him or spit on him, because the video was wobbly.  LOL!  But after she did what she did, the bus driver pulled over, and punched the crap out of her.  He hit her with an uppercut!  Now, I'm sure some are going to hate me for this, but hey, it's my opinion, and I'll go further into my personal details with it later.  But I honestly think she got what she deserved.  I don't understand her reasoning for arguing with the guy, first of all.  I heard rumors of she didn't have bus fare, and he said something about it.  Maybe he was saying some things to her that made her go off the way she did, I don't know, but from the 1 minute video that I saw, I saw her doing the most.  I don't think my opinion will ever change, not unless I see a video from the time she got on the bus until the uppercut/toss off the bus fiasco.  I've always been taught that riding the bus is a privilege.  I'm even teaching my 5 year old that now.  When you get on public transportation, you are to pay your fare, and stay behind that big bold white line.  It's for your safety.  Stay in your seat until you are at your stop.  You don't know what's going to happen while you are on there, so keep yourself seated so you don't get hurt.  How hard is that?!  And to be going off at the mouth the way that she was.  Do you honestly think the guy was just going to sit there and take it?  You don't know what kind of a day he was having.  Don't know if he was going through some personal stuff at home.  People are crazy now-a-days!  You really have to bit your tongue sometimes, because you don't know if they are going to pop off on you.  He could be suicidal!  You don't know his story.  And trust me when I say, everyone has one.  I remember my Pastor said something along the lines "either you are going through it or you are going to it".  And for that reason right there, you don't know if you are the one that took him over the edge.  Just sit your tail down and shut your damn mouth!  Goodness, it's not hard at all.  If you don't have the money to go, maybe you can tell him - I don't know.  But to me, you are just going about it the wrong way.  I feel like I'm talking directly to her and not to my blog.  LOL!

Okay, so I've been in an abusive relationship once or twice... twice!  The first one, I was really young... 16, and the dude was a "wrestler" at his school.  He would try his moves on me, thinking it was fun.  Ummm, that's not fun sir!  So long story short, I got rid of him.  Then when I was in my early 20s, there was this guy I was dealing with.  And he hit me on my arm.  I'll never forget that bruise.  It was the worst.  I don't know what made him do it, but anyone that knows me knows that I'm not the type that just goes off hitting and fussing and just being the sh*t starter.  That's not me, so for the both of these dudes to do this to me, was not me, it was them.  It was their problem.  Not mine.  They put their issues on me.  I'm saying this to say, I don't think any female, I take that back, anyone, because females are abusers as well.  But I don't think anyone deserves to get hit.  If you feel like that's your only way to get your point across, you are a coward!  One of the first rules you learn as a kid is to keep your hands to yourself.  If you put your hands on someone, don't be surprise and ready to call the police when they put their hands on you.

A few weeks ago, my daughter told me about a little girl "smooshing" her head.  Initially I was heated, but I had to tell my daughter that if anyone puts their hands on her that she has to defend herself.  I don't want her going out starting anything, but if someone touches her, it's her right to get them back.  I don't want her to be no punk.  Kids are cruel!  I don't have time for that.  And me working where I am, I see these bad a$$ kids come through here all the time.  They don't have no respect for no one!  Not their parents, not school officials, not police, no type of authority what so ever, and definitely not themselves.  Like my girl Tam said, I don't have time to parent anyone else's kids.  I have my own to worry about.

At the end of the day, you have to treat people the way you want to be treated.  


  1. thanks for the shout out! Right!!! if people parented their children, I wouldnt have to work so hard at parenting mine. geesh! can we get a break?
    I've been hearing all over about this bus driver incident, but I havent looked at it yet. I'm going to look now since you've made it so easy for me.

  2. ok, now that I've looked at it. She was definitely doing too much! I hate... maybe that isnt the word I want. But people (especially females) like that bug the hell out of me. Be a lady, act like a lady, speak like a lady. I work on telling my daughter that if nothing else... (second to a child of God)carry yourself like a lady! Ohhh girl, now I want to blog about it...
    but aside from her. He was DEAD wrong! He is a man and the same advice goes to him. Be a man! A grown one... ignore foolishness. She appeared to be a child, he should've been the bigger person. Also, like a tell my daughter (and if I'm honest, I am working on myself)... Someone in the situation HAS to do the right thing. You can't always count on other people to do the right thing, so it's your responsibility. He was wrong. It could've been handled a better way. As the authority, it was his responsibility. (ok, now maybe I'm gonna go blog) lol... thanks for this!

  3. Anytime!! ;-) I'm glad you got a chance to look at it. They were both wrong, but she started it and he finished it! Now they both have to deal with the consequences, unfortunately. But her actions could've done harm to everyone on that bus. She was totally in the wrong. And she wasn't a child, she was 25, old enough to get a uppercut to the chin! LMBO! But I heard somewhere that she's been shot/stabbed 4 times prior to this incident, so to me, she needs to go handle situations differently! Otherwise, she'll get handled, Mortal Kombat style! Hahahaha!! I'll be on the lookout for the new blog! ;-)