Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 10 – A Photo Of Your Favorite Place To Eat

I just had to take a look back at my previous entries to see how I get started!  I didn't want to say the same thing over and over again... so now that I've gotten that out of the way.  Let's talk about FOOD!  Anyone that knows me knows that I love to eat... there's no other way I was able to get to the size that I am... oh wait, there is one.  I don't exercise!  But whatever, we'll deal with that later!  So, I love to cook!  Years ago, like back in my middle school/high school days I took on the interest.  I loved helping my mom and grandma out in the kitchen.  I even wanted to go to culinary arts school (that was shot down), and wanted to have a tv show (that would've been a flop - I get super nervous talking in front of large groups, like more than 2)... at one point I even wanted to have a nightclub/restaurant.   

Anyways, so considering how much I love to cook... my most favoritest place to eat issssssss at home!  Although my meals may not be the healtiest, I love the way a few simple ingredients can turn into something sooo delish!  Some things that I love to cook, pasta, seafood, chicken, potatoes, veggies... everything!  LOL!  That pic sucks, but it was late and knew I had to take one...

When I want to go out to eat for something quick and yummy, I go to one of my fave fast food spots!  CHICK FIL A!  I went last night, so I could eat and get a few moments to myself while my daughter went into the playroom to do what she loves to do... Play!  Ohhh while I'm thinking about it, if you go today... July 8th, it's "cow appreciation day"... so if you go there dressing like a cow, you'll get free chicken!  LMBO!  Do it and take a pic for me!!  I love to get the original chicken sandwich (with lettuce, tomato, mayo & ketchup), fries (with bbq or just recently Polynesian sauce - I don't know what it is, but it's soooooo good!), and either a sweet tea or a sweet tea/lemonade mix.  I'm a condiment whore, don't judge me!  Also, I loveeee their banana pudding milkshake!! It's like heaven in a cup!  Ohhhhh and I don't even want to get started on the ice dream ice cream!  MAN!  I was a little in my feelings last night because my daughter didn't finish her food, so she couldn't get any... I didn't want to be a mean mommie (nor did I want to share!), so I didn't get any for myself. 

Just recently I went to this restaurant, Blue Dolphin... the food there was sooo goooood!  I went for lunch with a friend and we went IN!  lmboooo!  We got crab dip - sooo good! And crab cakes with shrimp and scallops with spinach and "house potatoes"... everything was so good!  And they give you so much!  (another plus!)  I wouldn't mind going again soon just for some crab dip...

And now that I've made myself hungry... excuse me while I go get a snack!  ;-)


  1. are funny!!!.....and we love your cooking too....I didn't know you went to the Blue Dolphin I haven't been yet but will put that on my list of places to hit....Your Mother.

  2. Blue Dolphin cranks! But I will be going between the hours of 3-7 Appetizers 1/2 off...BOMB!!! and the crab dip is OK, edgewaters is better. IMO