Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 12 – Your Current Relationship, If Single Discuss How Single Life Is.

Technically, I'm single!  I'm not married, so I'm single! 
On applications, they give you a few options: married, divorced, single...
They don't give you an "other" option with a little line beside it so you can explain your situation.

SO... I guess the best place to start this challenge is from the beginning.

The last "relationship" I was in was ... about 6 years ago.  He was older than me, but immature in so many ways.  We had fun together, but I knew it wouldn't last long, because I thought he should've been in another place.  I wanted more for him.  So, that ended!

Then I had a ... "thing" with this guy.  That's how my daughter got here.  This may seem weird to some, but I knew that no matter what happened between me and him, she was going to be mine forever, my responsibility.  I don't even really want to get into that right now.  So I'll save that for another day.  But needless to say, me and him were never a couple.

So after a few years of not wanting to talk to anyone, having a "friend" here or there, and then going back to wanting to be by myself... out of nowhere, HE came.

We started things out really slow.  Like really.  I didn't show any interest because I wasn't at a place where I wanted to talk to anyone. We started out "keeping in touch".  Then it turned to texting.  Eventually we started talking on the phone.  My daughter didn't like me talking on the phone during her time (she wasn't used to it...), so we would wait until after she went to sleep to talk on the phone... that turned into us talking for HOURS.  I wasn't ready for him to meet my daughter and he wasn't ready for that either.  So we would go out only when I would get a sitter... which wasn't that often. Unfortunately.  I think this was better for the both of us tho, it forced us to be friends.  It made us talk.  We would talk about any and everything.  He told me some of the craziest stories.  I would open up to him about things that I normally wouldn't feel comfortable. 

Fast forward he meets my daughter. Awkward at first, for me... because I never introduced her to anyone before.  She adored him!  She would ask if we could go to his house.  This was still awkward to me.  But I was thankful that she felt that way.  You know some folks say children see adults for who they really are, like they have that six sense when it comes to seeing the real them.  So, not only did he pass my test... but he passed her test too.  ;-) 

Months later, he's still around!  LMBO!  He's met some of my family, and I've met some of his... you know the big to do is make it known on social networks?!  Well, neither of us do that... I don't like folks all up in my business and neither does he.  But if you see us together in the streets... shyeeeaaahhhh that's him!

He gets me... all my flaws he accepts.  I get him... all of his weirdness I accept.  LOL! 

Is that gay?!  LMBO!  It took us a while to get it "right"... much like us... =D 

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