Thursday, August 11, 2011


It's almost time for one of my most favorite times of the year... VACATION!!!  Starting Monday, I'll be taking a break from the j.o.b... I haven't been so ready for a break in so long!  I've been dealing with a lot of foolishness in this place, and I'm just ready to BREAK from it! 

Back when I was "planning" my vacation time, I really wanted to go somewhere that my daughter would get the most out of it.  I planned to either go North, to go to Sesame Place, Hershey Park, and most importantly visit family.  If I didn't go up the road, I was thinking about going South to Williamsburg or Great Wolf Lodge.  Either way we went, I thought she would have a ball!

Then recently, I've been going thru some stuff... nothing too crazy! But just stuff... stuff that is making me think twice about where to go.  I want to have fun and get away, but I don't want to suffer when I get back.  Then it hit me... why don't I just do stuff daily that she and I will enjoy.  She tells me all the time now, "I just want to spend time with youuuuu..." awwww!!!  How can you not love someone like that?!  She knows how to get me.  LOL!  I'm like putty in her little cute hands. 

Sooooo, I may or may not be back until after the vacay... I haven't decided yet.  But I do plan to come back with a story or 2, and prayerfully (a word I made up... nevermind, I google'd it LOL!) some good news!!! 

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