Wednesday, August 10, 2011

...i am not my hair...

Okay, so you may have noticed in my photo yesterday, that I had a little beanie type thingy on my head.  Over the past year or so, I've been having issues with my hair.  I've tried to tell my stylist about them... I could go get my hair done on Saturday and by Tuesday, I'll look like "who done it...".  The I would start to have these scalp issues on top of that.  It wasn't dandruff, it was dry scalp flakes... LOL!  You say tomato, I say tamato dangit!!  To me, dandruff means your hair is dirty.  My hair wasn't!  Okay, so over time, I would think cutting it would make it better... it didn't work.  I thought putting tracks or braids in my hair would help... that didn't work either.  I needed to do something more drastic!  I've talked about going natural before.  I've even attempted it right before I found out I was preggers with my daughter.  When I tried it that time, I just went to get my hair done every week or so... I would get twists put in and after a few days, wear it out in a frizzy bush.  I loved it that way, but it was getting a little too costly!  I think I went like 9 months without getting a perm.  Okay, so moving on to the past few months... for my birthday I cut my hair again!  A little while after that, I was over it... Then at the end of May, I decided to get some individual braids... considering I don't do much to my hair already, I pretty much kept those up in a bun the whole time I had them.  In the beginning, I wore them out, moussed them up and twisted them to maintain the wavy look.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago... it was wayyyyy past the time for those things to come out.  So after laying around my house, I decided it was time to get up and take them out... I started cutting them out!  I left literally an inch or so of the braids in my hair so I wouldn't be completely bald!  My daughter helped me out, she thought it was the coolest thing!  My <3 was there... LOL!  The reaction that he had... PRICELESS!  "What are you doingggg?!?!?!"  "Why are you doing this to yourself???"  "You're CRAZYYYY!!!!"  Granted, I didn't know what I was doing, but I knew I wasn't going to have time to take those out and I didn't have an appointment to get it done, so I didn't know what I would do with it after taking them out.  Since then, I've been looking on different sites for tips, I've been talking with a few natural ladies to get their advice, and more importantly, I've been enjoying my teenie weenie afro!  Not to the point where I'm ready to wear it out... I think I need to experiment some more.  What I really need to do is go product shopping.  Next week, I'm on vacay, and I think day 1, I'm going to treat myself (and my daughter) to getting our hair did!  ;-) Oh yeahhhh, after seeing the Good Hair documentary, I knew I didn't want to go back to the perm!!  And my daughter better forget it if she think she'll be getting one.  Not on my watch!  My family, coworkers and a few friends aren't completely with my new look yet... But that's fine, I didn't do this for them, I did this for me!  I feel much better with the choice that I made, and this is only the beginning...  again, I am not my hair! 


  1. u know im a natural hair guru, lol (in my head) and it takes time gettin used to it cuz its different and new to you! for scalp issues TEA TREE is the key and i aint talkin beauty supply (BS) store fake tea tree oil either! get some giovanni triple tea tree poo n condish (target, whole foods, etc) or u can get some TT EO (essential oil) from like whole foods and drop a few drops in water bottle (small ones) and spritz em on ur scalp! i havent had dandruff since goin natural-trust me!!

    ur biggest thing now is dryness cuz ur scalp is so used to a perm, dnt worry it'll take a few months of CONSISTENCY before u notice retaining moisture. u gotta DC at least once a week and after u wash make sure u seal the cuticle of ur hair w/ an oil to lock in the moisture of the water. u might wanna try pre-pooin first for about an hour then wash as usual. another big tip...u really dnt need to use poo every time. i've gradually gotten away from it cuz that could also be causin ur scalp issues esp they type of poo u using! i already had to save my daughter-in-laws hair once >:< so i know dmn well i need to toss some of ur stash OUT!! co-washin is good enuff unless u got product build up from using stuff u aint got no business!!
    dnt get me started on products cuz im a recovering PJ (product junkie) EEEK!!

  2. Yes, I agree about the poo! you dont need it, I hardly use any product and I have completely banned shampoo! I take that back, lately I have been using Wen shampoo which is a no lather shampoo/conditioner... so it doesnt dry my hair (its more like cleaning it with oil) I love it! Any way, good luck on your natural hair journey!!! Its' not easy but its sooo worth it! #teamnatural 5 years and counting!