Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 25 – Who Are You???

HAPPY MONDAY!!  What better way to start the day & new month than to talk about ME?!  Hahaha!  First of course I have to thank God for a beautiful day.  I'm thankful!  I may not be where I want to be, but I'm much better off than what I was!

I am a daughter, granddaughter, niece...  I was born in February, early 80s (not trying to give you my exact age!  ahahaha!!!), only child to my parents.  They were both young, which is why they get crazy looks now when I come around calling them mommie and daddy!  I had a pretty nice childhood.  My mom's mom helped raise me.  It takes a village to raise a child!  I was raised in the Fort Washington area for majority of my childhood... but when I was in the second or third grade, I moved to Wheaton with my mom.  That didn't work out too well, so we went back to Fort Washington like 3 months later.  I moved around a lot when I was younger... where ever my mom went, I went.  *que Kid Sister music*

I am a sister...  Like I told you before I am my mom and dad's *only* child, but they both have other children.  I have a 22 year old brother and a 20 year old sister from my dad's side.  And like I've told you before whenever I would ask for a pet, my mom would pop up preggers!  LOL!  (just kidding...)  But from her I have 3 younger brothers, 20, 12 & 10.  And she still looks damn good!

I am a mother... I have a 4 year old who is all up in thru my blogs... She's my everything!  I love that little girl too much.  I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful little person.  But I will do my best to make sure that she is raised to be the best woman ever!  I enjoyed her as a baby - although she didnt stay one for long... she was crawling by 5 months and walking by 8 months!!!  I remember bringing her home from the hospital and I have to tell you this story... I would put her in this swing so I could prepare her bottles, clean up the kitchen, just whatever I needed to do.  So, I would put one of the animals (a monkey) right in front of her so she could have something to focus on.  I promise you that little newborn baby would stare that monkey down and one day she pulled it to her.  If you've ever been around a newborn or have had a newborn, you would know that their muscles aren't strong enough to do anything like that.  But my little blessing from above did!  From that moment on, I knew that she was going to be the best!  And she is!  She's just so smart and so beautiful!  I loveeee her too much! 

I am a friend...  shyeahhhhhh that's me!  I have some of the bestest friends in the world!  I don't know what I would do without them.  They *know* me!!  And they still love me!  LOL!  I'm so thankful for them.  You know the saying "A reason, a season or a lifetime !"  These chicks that I have are a lifetime!  I've loved my reasons and seasons, and at the time I didn't understand why those friendships didn't last.  But they've taught me something.  I'm thankful for them as well and I pray that they get the best out of life.  Special shout out to my <3!  ;-) 

I am a hardworker...  No matter what it is that I'm doing, I want it to be the best!  I think that's why I'm so afraid to step out there and do some things, because I don't want to be a failure.  I don't want it to not be the best.  I know I can't be the best at all things... I'm working on that. 

I am a blogger... YAY!!!  Somthing that seems so hard at times, can be such an eye opener and help me realize what it is that I'm going thru.

I am a Christian... no I'm not perfect.  No I'm no saint...  But I know that I love the Lord and it's because of Him that I'm able to do everything that I do.  I'm thankful!  I'm blessed!  It's because of Him that I get a second chance.  It's because of Him that I'm able to provide and protect.  It's because of Him that I have the strength that I didn't think I possessed.  Thank you God!!!  Please don't judge me for the things I do... I'm still learning! 

With that being said... I hope I've opened up to you just who I am.  I'm sure I left out some things, but hey... gotta keep you coming back for more!  LOL!

Have a wonderful day!  I have some things that I need to take care of...

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