Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 26 – A Photo Of Somewhere You Want To Go

Happy Tuesday folks!  Stop thinking about what you don't have and Thank God for what you do have!  AMEN!  ;-) 

Ohhhhh this is the perfect topic for today!  I wish I had a picture of my bed/home... because that's exactly where I would like to be right now!  I'm counting down the days to my vacation... I was thinking about pushing it back a week, to get some things in order, but I really need this... like sooner than later!  With the amount of heat that we've been having lately, I would love to be at the pool, Water Country, an island... just somewhere!  I'm thankful for my job, but everyone is entitled to take some time off... That's one of the reasons I do go to work every day - to build up my leave!  LOL!

I went here 2 years ago with my girls and our kids... and I really had a good time!  I don't even know how to swim and don't care to get water in my face, but watching my daughter "swim" around was too cute.  The kids had a good time and spending so many hours in the water will definitely get the whole family tired!  NAP TIME!  LOL!

I'm thinking about taking my daughter here on vacation this summer... I think if I don't take her now, she'll be too old to go later.  I never been here as a child and I LOVEDDDD Sesame Street... so I think it'll be a treat for the both of us.  If I do go, of course there will be plenty of photos taken and I'll blog about it. 

Great Wolf Lodge is another place that I've been thinking about going to for vacation... and if not during my vacation time, then the weekend before school starts.  I've heard nothing but great things about this place... and I would definitely like to go sooner than later.

If I was able to take an adult only vacay... this is where I would be!!  How beautiful is this?!  Blue skies, clear water, and white sands... *dreamy sigh*  Its too late for me to go here... but there's always next year!

All in all.... just as long as I'm far away from here, I'm good!  LOL!  *ques music*

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