Thursday, October 6, 2011

...easy a...

Happy Friday Eve!!  ;-)  I saw someone write that on FB & decided to steal it for the moment. 

Sooo, the other day, I took my daughter to the library.  She was sooo excited!  As we pulled up, "mommie, where are we?!"  "we're at the library sweetie..."  "THE LIBRARY, I ALWAYS WANTED TO GO THERE!!!  AND YOU TOOK ME TODAY!!!  YOU SAID YOU WOULD TAKE ME YESTERDAY (yesterday in my daughter's mind is any past day), BUT YOU TOOK ME TODAY... I LOVE YOU MOMMIE!!!"  ::takes off seatbelt and gives me a kiss::  Isn't she the sweetest!  Okay, so I tell her the plan is to do her homework, and then we can go to the children's section so she can read some books.  I thought she was going to sit down and look at the pages, but no, she wanted me to read the books to her... so after about 5 books, I tell her to pick 4 books to take home.  She picked some pretty awesome books and on our way out, I notice the DVD "Easy A"... I've been wanting to see this movie since it came out!  So to see it on the shelf, I was super excited!  Fast forward to later that night... I was a little upset with my <3, it happens!... but anyway, I wasn't talking to him... giving him the silent treatment (and now that I think about it, I saw something on tv {or the net} that said that's the best thing for any woman to give their dude... if you want to blow him, don't shut up, but keep on talking!!!)... hmmm, you've won this round, but I'll win the next one!  Muwahahaha!!!

Okay, so the movie... the movie was great!  I'm thinking about adding it to my list of favorites!!  It's a movie about a girl that told her best friend a lie, and that lie turned into more lies and more lies...  So the girl feels bad for someone and decides that if she wants to help them feel better she'll get a little gift from them, a gift card to her favorite store, and it'll help out that person out... typically make them feel better than what they really are.  The first guy would get beat up every day because he's gay.  He asked her for help, she got something ($$) out of it and the word got out that they were an item, even went as far as faking to have sex at some big party that all the cool kids from school was at.  A lot of other stuff happened in the movie, you better go rent it or ondemand it!  And now that I know I can rent movies from the library for free, I'll be doing that more often!  #score...

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