Monday, October 3, 2011


Good day folks!  How are you?! How was the weekend?!  Hope you enjoyed it and was able to spend it with some people that you love!  ;-)

Sooo, yesterday I woke up around 6ish, my body is on this schedule!  Blah!  So I got on my phone, played a game, got tired of that... then FB to kill some time, and noticed some of the most raunchiest stuff.  I couldn't believe my eyes... how are you a almost 30 year old saying some of the stuff that you are saying.  I mean I guess it's okay if that's how you talk, but seriously, are you that desparate for attention that you would bring that over to a social network??  Later on in the day, after I went to church (praise Him!), grocery shopping, and to my mom's to get a library book that my brother was supposed to turn in last month! ...would i be pressed if i made him pay the sixty cent fee?  LMBO!  Well, I was home, sitting on my roomies bed chatting it up with her, and I got back on to FB and noticed the rauncy guy took it a step further and started posting pics of some of the different positions (thank God it wasn't of him!!!!), but still... seriously?!  So I decided then that it's time for me to do a master cleanse of my "friends" on my FB friend list.  No offense to you, but if you get deleted, it's because either we aren't friends or I just don't like that stuff that you say!  LMBO!  I did that a time before and got a message in my inbox "what did I do?!  why aren't we friends anymore?"  Ummm, because we aren't friends in real life dude!  Before this recent change on FB I was able to "block" folks so I didn't have to worry about seeing their page at all, but for some strange reason, they are all back!  I didn't even realize I was friends with these folks (it's been that long since the block...), but now that they are back, they got to go!  Sorry folks!

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