Wednesday, October 26, 2011

...falling apart...

Happy Hump Day!  ...already!...

So yesterday I realized just how old I really am.  Don't let the baby face confuse you!!  I feel like a 80 year old... and I can't even say that because my great grandmother is in her 90s, and she's just as healthy as most 30 year olds I know.  Shout out to Ba!  ;-)  I pray that I can live a healthy awesome life like her.  Okay, so yesterday, after being off for a week, I got back into my routine... I really need to start getting some things ready at night.  Taking a shower, getting clothes ready for my and my sunshine, breakfast, and just the regular things to get out of the house... I knew it before, but didn't realize until yesterday that it can really take a toll on me.  Fast forward to after work, I didn't even do much... SMH!  Went past the besties house for a few minutes, got my sunshine from school, and then we went to Target!  The most amazing store in the world to me!  ;-)  I didn't even get to walk the whole store!!  I went in for 2 possibly 3 things, got them and a little more... and got even more tired than I was to begin with.  Realized I wasn't going to be able to make the lovely dinner that I wanted (salmon, brown rice, and spinach YUM!), so I opted for some Popeye's... mannnnn, it was sooo many black folks in there, but for the M-T-W special (2 pieces, biscuit, 1 side and a drink for $3.99), I really don't blame them!  LOL!  Of course there was a wait on chicken, so I waited... about 30 minutes later when I left and got home, my foot was swollen!  That's when I knew that I was falling apart!  SMH again!!  So today, I'll be chilling, with my foot up... trying my best not to fall apart anymore!  My mom called and checked on me this morning, so thankful for that lady!  Love you lil boo!!  She gave me some awesome advice!  LOL! 

Have a wonderful day... and don't fall apart!  ;-)

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