Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Heyyy ya'll!!  (so country!)

Okay, so how was everyone's Thanksgiving?!  I had a great time off!  Last Wednesday, we were dismissed early, and that's always a great thing!  So I went to my grandmother's house, took a nap, and then got started on "helping" her cook.  She wouldn't let me do too much, but I tried to make my time there as useful as possible.  After that, I went to my friend's house for game night... it was pretty awesome...  good food (fajitas, yellow rice, and frozen drinks YUM!), great company (4 couples... game night was guys vs girls), fun games - Taboo (girls won of course!!!) and 5 seconds (you have 5 seconds to name 3 random things on the card... after I named 3 woodwind instruments with time to spare, everyone faked on the game!  hahaha!)... oh, and what was supposed to be the "scariest movie ever" Insidious... all I can do now is shake my head at that movie!!  All in all, it was a pretty awesome pre-Thanksgiving! 

On "Turkey" day, I got up and cooked breakfast, I told my brother that from now on, who ever is cooking the big holiday dinner, we need to have a big yummy breakfast at someone else house.  So on this day, I made potatoes, pancakes, eggs, and bacon... bacon in the oven!!!  That was soooo freaking good!  I want to make my bacon like that from now on!  Ahahaha!!  Of course I had to lay it down after that breakfast!  So I did!  Then I got me and my little sunshine together to make our rounds.  First was to my grandma's house... that's where everyone on my dad's side goes.  I get to see my aunts and uncles, cousins, and all the kids!  I think it's crazy how many kids it is on that side of my family.  But I love to see them... seeing all those kids grow up is amazing!  And my grandma, she's just an awesome lady!  Love her!!  ;-)  Next on my list of houses to hop to was my dad's... I got there right on time, food was coming out the oven, on the table, and it was a LOT of food!!  Unfortunately there was no ham!!!! but they made up for it with everything else!  They even had goat!  Now, that didn't make it to my plate, but everyone else that ate it was loving it... ohhh, how can I forget.  My dad said the prayer over the food, and it was really really nice... touched me right here ---> <3 LOL!  My little sunshine had too much fun over there... I had to threaten her to leave!!  Last on my h.2.h.2 list was my BG's house.  When I got there, everyone looked nice and full!  I was sooo super late!  I told them I would get there by 6, but didn't actually get there until after 9p!  But that didn't stop us... I ate AGAIN!  And after I ate, I started to clean up the kitchen... Although many of the dishes were already cleaned and put away, there were a lot of pots that needed to be cleaned... and I almost had a fit when I got a wiff (is that the word?!) of the stankin' chitterling pot... Oh my goodness!  That's some funk right there... I did what I could do up until my back started to hurt... so I sat down and checked my FB to see what was going on with the "friends"...  No joke, around like 1a, I felt like I got my second wind!!  Even got a turkey sandwich and did the tootsie roll in the middle of the floor!  HA!!!  #goodtimes

The next day, while everyone was out doing their Black Friday shopping, I was back at my BG's getting more food!  LOL!  I didn't go over there right away, of course I was able to sleep in, due to being out all hours of the night.  Chilled in my house for a while, and then went over there...  Played some spades and got whooped!!  It was embarrassing!!  I don't like to lose!  At. All!  Me and my partner are going to have to have a talk... LOL! 

Saturday, did a lot of nothing and enjoyed it! 

Sunday, went to church EARLY!!  Awesome message and the praise and worship was amazing!!  Then afterwards, surprised my little sunshine by taking her to the movies to see the Muppets!  I was a little tired, so in the beginning I wasn't feeling the singing.  But the movie was really good and kept my attention, so it didn't seem that bad when they broke out into another song and dance.  LOL!  Finally Kermit admitted his feelings for Miss Piggy!  Watching that movie made me reminisce of my childhood...  Man I used to love those muppets!!  Ohhhh, and I almost forgot... I folded my 2 baskets of clothes!!  Yay me!  Goodness I hate folding clothes and putting them away!  Ugh!  After my long day, I got myself and my little sunshine into bed early!  I was quite proud of myself! 

Then yesterday hit... back to work!  Now, I really enjoy my job.  I have no problem with going and getting my stuff accomplished, but sometimes I just wish I could wake up without the alarm waking me up!  I had a hard time sleeping and I just felt so sleepy when it was time to wake up.  I don't like that feeling at all.  On another note... I wore my natural bush out!  I'm really feeling this look... My dream hair to have Joan hair!!  But I know that's going to take a whole lotta time and a lotta vitamins!  LOL!  But I'm enjoying this time.  I really wish I had the time or energy to twist it up.  I'll figure it out some how...  Okay, so I know I jumped all over the place in this last paragraph.... but I'm going to finish it up.  So last night, I wasn't feeling myself at all!  I wanted to fuss!  I wanted to cry!  I just wanted things to be different.  Emotional!  Yup... that's me!  I got an email earlier in the day, and it just took me back to what I was feeling a few weeks ago.  Betrayed.  Angry.  Confused.  I wanted to curse someone out.  But.. instead, I did what I normally do... kept it in.  I tried to not let this carry into today... I'm still trying.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be better... and if not, there's always the next day.

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