Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Ohhh my goshhhh!!!  I can't believe I haven't written anything since the beginning of the month!  There's so much that I've been wanting so say, but of course you already know... If I don't say it when I want to say it, it gets lost! 

So with this being Thanksgiving Eve, I wanted to know... what are you THANKFUL for?! 

Me??  I'm thankful for life, opportunities, love, friendships, relationships, second chances... you know the regular every day stuff that some take for granted. 

I'm going to be honest with you... I started this on Monday, but stopped because I couldn't get in the right mind set.  This time last week I was going through something in my life, and I was just stuck.  But thankfully, I've been praying about it, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to let this thing overcome me.  I've been in situations before and I've gotten out of them... I think I've gotten out of them stronger.  So I pray that that will happen this time as well.  If nothing else, it was a life lesson.  Awww man... Kim Cole (Sinclair from Living Single) was on the Yolanda Adams morning show talking about that... and she said something that was sooo true... curse this short term memory loss issue that I suffer from.  Let me see if I can try to sum up what she said... Don't you hate that?!  It's like it's on the tip of your tongue (in my case finger tips...) but I just can't seem to get my mind right. 

Ohhh, before I start with what she was talking about, let me tell you about my breakfast that I got this morning for $2.12!!  (BTW, 2.12 is my bday, so it rocks when I see it come up on different things - time, cost of something, sell by date, etc...) Soooo, I got some potatoes from my BG's house and from the cafeteria I got 2 fried eggs with the yolk (I never know how to ask for it... is it sunny side up?!), 2 pieces of bacon, and a piece of toast... BOMB!!!  And of course, since I've gotten sick, all I've been drinking is water... so I'm drinking some deer park... also from BG's!  LOL!  I love going "grocery shopping" over there. 

Okay, so back to Kim Cole... she was saying that she's going to be on TV One's "Life After", a show that shows us actors and musicans that was HOT when we were younger and we don't get to see them anymore, except in reruns or if they appear on one of the awards shows.  So she was saying that she was "released" from In Living Color, and she was going thru it for like 3 years... all she could do was keep the roof over her head, car payments paid, hair on her head - Hahahaha!!!  But she was saying she didn't understand why she was going thru that at the time... but then Living Single was something that was made for her.  She got the part, and stayed with the show the entire time.  And that's something that a lot of folks don't realize... although you may want something sooo bad and you think that it's for you... God is still in control, and he'll get you out of that situation, you won't realize it at the time, but He has something better for you.

I can't wait to do my end of the year blog... just so you can see how He's taken me out of situations.  MAN!  God is good... all the time!  ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving all!  I hope you all enjoy this time, spend it with your loved ones!

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