Wednesday, November 30, 2011

...wish list...

Last night I had a dream!  I actually had a couple of dreams, some very crazy... but this one in particular is what made me want to blog.

It may seem small to some, but to me, this would be perfect! 

I had a dream I was in a split level home, 4 bedrooms & 3 baths, awesome kitchen (because I love to cook), and a amazing entertaining area...  I wish I would've seen the backyard, but since this blog is about my wish list, I'm going to say what I want... and if I find out someone moved into my dream house, I'm going to set it on fire!  I kid, I kid!!

But my bedroom, I'm not going to go into too much detail, because that would be my space, but I'm going to need for it to have a bathroom in there (most homes have a master bathroom within the master bedroom... I'm just speaking on it - YOU KNOW!), nice king size bed... I have a queen now and when my child gets in the bed with me, it's just not enough space.  So I need to go BIGGER!  ::dreamy sigh::  I can just see it now... okay, that's all for my room!

Now to the kid's room, my little princess loves all pink everything!!  So I want to grant her her wish and give her all pink everything!  Pink walls, pink decorations, pretty in pink!  Of course her furniture won't be pink.  But she's going to love it!  Now if I can get her to sleep thru the night in her pretty pink room, I would be a happy camper!!

Kitchen, dining area, & living room... the possibilities are endless!

Basement/entertaining area... I want that to be the place that my family & friends come over at least once or twice a month to hang out... game night, family night... lots of funnnnn!!!  Oh, and I want a bedroom to be in that area as well, so the kids can have a playroom.  That would rock!

2 car garage where I could actually put my car(s)!!  Not just storage (side eyeing all the folks that do that!)

Is this too much to ask for?!  I don't think so... when I do get this I'm going to be overly joyed!! ... OVERLY!!!

Of course I have more on my wish list, but this is towards the top!  ;-) 

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