Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hello, Good Morning, all of that!  LOL!

Okay, so this morning, I jumped on "FB" before waking up my little ray of sunshine... and there were SOOOOOO many folks going on Tiny.  Okay, so here's a little background (according to me) for all of those folks that don't know who Tiny is.  She started out in the 90s in a R&B group, Xscape.  She was a cute little thing, and to me, didn't get to sing as much as the other members... at least not on some of their most popular songs.  Fast forward to a few years ago, she isn't in the "light" too much anymore, but we hear word that she's with T.I.  T.I is a rapper from GA (as is she)... but he's the type that doesn't automatically put his business out there.  Folks can't see why they are together.  Folks are saying that she's so much older than he is.  Folks are just hating!  So about 2 years ago, Tiny had a reality show with her friend Toya (who is Lil Wayne's daughter's mom).  On this show we got to see who Tiny really is... and with that, folks started commenting on her looks... "Miss Piggy" is the most used term to describe her.  Okay, I'm not going to act like I didn't see her face and say she's Miss America... something definitely looks different about her.  I think she's had some kind of work done, but hey, who am I?!  So last night, the season premiere of TI & Tiny was on VH1.  I unfortunately didn't get to see it, because I had some mommie duties to finish up.  And by the time the little one went to sleep, I decided to go to sleep as well. 

So... my question to all is why are looks so important in a relationship?! 

I remember when I was in my teenage years my BG used to tell me to not bring no dark-skin guys home.  She would say things like "what are your kids going to look like?!  ...you gotta think about that!!"  At the time of course, I wasn't thinking about having any kids with these fools!  The one guy that I did bring to the house to meet her was a light skin dude with pretty eyes... and he was a complete jerk!  But she adored him... because of his looks.  Looks had nothing to do with his attitude!  Another light skin dude with pretty hair and pretty eyes that I talked to when I was younger was abusive!  He was on his schools wrestling team, and thought it was a good idea to do those wrestling moves on me.  SMH!  And not only that, but he told me that I was acting real gay because I wouldn't sleep with him.  i.e. another jerk!

Back when we first heard that Beyonce was with Jay-Z, of course folks had something to say about that...  "what does she see in him?!  He looks like a camel!"  And now that she's pregnant with his baby they are saying and photoshopping pictures of Beyonce with a baby faced Jay-Z... (camel face). 

I don't understand people... and I guess that's what my problem is.  I'm always trying to figure out what the big deal is about certain situations.  So many chicks want a dude like TI, saying they look so much better than Tiny, but don't understand what it is that he really sees in her.  I get it!  I know what he sees in her.  He sees a beautiful person that loves him, regardless of what it is that he's going thru.  So many dudes want a chick that looks like Beyonce, but they don't understand the love that she has for Jay-Z.

Beauty is only skin deep!  I learned my lesson about 10 years ago... your looks can be taken from you so fast!  I was in a car accident and had the hugest lump on my forehead possible!  When it finally started to go down, it settled in my eyes... so I had 2 black eyes for about 2 weeks or so.  If I were to show you the picture, you would think I was battered woman.  That's how I felt.  So from that day forward, I said I would appreciate my looks, but also realize that they weren't everything.  People change.  They gain weight, lose weight, get older... things that make your looks change.  But if you are a beautiful person on the inside, that's what matters!

...of course most of the folks that had something to say about Tiny's looks were the single folks.  OUCH!


  1. Good Post! I agree :-) A lot of people put the focus on looks when it's way more to having a successful relationship. Now, they definitely have to be attractive TO ME but who cares what others think. Like you said the best looking ones have the most drama and can be really weak on the inside. They rely on their looks so they never really work on their inner self.

    People always say "hmm why she with him/her she/he could do way better" but they have no clue how great of a individual that he/she is and I'm sure that he/she is ALWAYS holding them down. I'm not going to act like I haven't made a comment or two about Tiny but I definitely love their relationship and she is down for her man 100%!!

  2. LOVE this! I dont think I've ever dated anyone solely based on looks, but the ones that were most attractive (to everyone else), seemed to be the biggest losers, users and abusers...
    So when I finally found someone who LOVED me forreal... I wish I would have second thought it just cause he wasn't my "type" or fit someone else's standard of attractive! Go ahead with this Akiya! GIRL, hit the nail on the %$#@&* head!

  3. Thanks Ladies!! I appreciate your comments!

    Eesh, I love the love that Tiny & TI have for each other too... and the fact that he loves his family so much is what's attractive to me!

    Tam, GIRL! LOL! I could go on and on and on about the different dudes that I've dealt with in the past... but fortunately we had to deal with the losers to get with the winner winner chicken dinners! LMBO! It really makes you appreciate the person.

  4. I didn't watch the show, nor did I witness any negative FB comments, but I will say this.

    How your born into this world is a matter that you should take up with your parents and GOD. However, getting expensive plastic surgery to make yourself "look" better just to end up looking like shit is a horse of a different color.

    There is no equation that says: butt implants + lip injections + teeth veneers + cheek implants = instant beauty. No more than there is an equation that says lightskin + lightskin = attractive jerk. Your personality is soley shaped by your upbringing, not how you look.

    Irregardless of skintone some people are born into this world with great natural bone structure/skin tone/body tone and have all around good genetics.

    I guess what trying say is that I don't understand why he couldn't have found one of those natural beauties with a great personality and left his prized pig at the farm.

  5. That Tiffany said...
    Ma'am Irregardless isn't a word.

    December 7, 2011 8:49 AM

    According to Merriam-Webster it is a word, albeit a non-standard, but still a word nonetheless.

  6. Irregardless is an informal term commonly used in place of regardless or irrespective, which has caused controversy since it first appeared in the early twentieth century. Most dictionaries list it as "nonstandard" or "incorrect".

  7. Dee Dee, did it ever occur to you that she altered her appearance to keep up with attarctive women.

    She obviously doing it to hold on to her man.(Regardless, Irregardless, Whatever) this is a sad commentary about women and low self esteem.

  8. Okay, I'm not going to say anymore about this subject, but I'll leave with saying this.

    Anyone who shows up across my tv screen or computer monitor opens themselves up to public criticism despite whatever their level of self esteem is.