Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yesterday I learned a very valuable lesson... you betta have medical insurance!!

So, you all know I was hospitalized for a week a few months back... well, since I'm pregnant, my doctor wants me to stay on this medication for the duration of my pregnancy.  Owww, that sounded official didn't it?!  LOL!  So, the very first time I had to get the medicine, it cost me a little over $50 for  20 pills... I was peed... but got over it.  Then when I got the prescription for 3 months, I knew I was going to be paying a grip... and I did... $150 for 90 pills.  I complained then!  But my brother told me something that I'm holding close to my heart... "you can't put a price tag on your health".  It makes sooo much sense and I'm trying my hardest to keep that in mind.  So yesterday I had to get a refill on my meds.  Considering Christmas just passed us by and I ain't get paid yet, I asked my doctor if I could get a 30-day supply.  He had no problem with that at all, he knows those pills cost!!  So I go to the pharmacy, and they tell me $80!!!  I was like, no way!  For me to get an extra 10 pills you want me to pay $30 more?!  That shhh Kray!! (LOL!)  But seriously, I can't see myself doing that.  So I went ahead and got the 20 pills for $50.  And when it's time for me to get some more, I'll be more prepared to pay a bundle, so I can get just enough to last me for the rest of my pregnancy.  This little girl living in me is BOSSY!  I thought I used to have issues with my little sunshine when I was carrying her, but looking back on it now, that was easy!!  This little mama right here has put me in the hospital, got me on medication, and doesn't even want me to do simple things like go to the store... I don't know if I said this in my previous entry or not.  But I went shopping one day, and by the time I got to the register, I was ready to pass out!  I had to literally sit my tail down, drink some water, and just cool down. I was in there sweating and some more.  Goodness! 

So yea... make sure you get your medical insurance in line!  I can't live without mine!! 

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