Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...2011 blur...


I know I'm a day or 2 short, but whatever!  I was going thru some things yesterday!  My brother left and went to Texas.  I'm not sure how exactly long he'll be down there... but it won't be for a week (vacay).  I told him this was bittersweet.  I feel like we've grown so much and are more than brother/sister... he's like a friend *tear*.  Trust, it hasn't always been like that.  I remember hating him when we were growing up.  He used to take my shoes and dogg them!  When you are a teenager, that's huge!  LOL!  But I'm happy for him... I wish I had the opportunity when I was his age to go away.

Soooo how was your New Year's?!  I stayed home and watched a movie and ate with my family.  It was a pretty good day. 

My purpose of this blog entry was to do a review of my 2011... I did this a while ago, on myspace!  LOL!  Let me check to see if I did it on Facebook - because I surely can't remember.  ... Okay, so I went to my FB account, and there was one there!  So I probably didn't do it on myspace...  but I can't remember my password, so I can't even check that page. 

So, here it is:

Big move, new responsibilities... I can do it?!  I hope!  No matter what, I can't fail!
Death - my perspective, really opens your eyes to your situation
love - relationship friendship! okay, how about now? who is it? secrets??
School. Patience. Guidance. Time. Consistency. And More Patience!!
car - damaged! holding on... died!
carless!, depending on others... thankful!
"I need help!" Accountability! "don't do...."
pray, Pray, PRAY!!!
amazing... APPROVED!
tragedies - earthquake, hurricane, what's next?!
"...on the road again...."
Oh my gosh... THIS again! Ughhhhhh!!!
oh wait, no stress! fully blessed! relax, take it easy...
food poisoning?!  nope, that wasn't it... urinary tract infection?!  nope, this hurts tooo much!
Kidney infection?!  seriously???!!!  Yup, that's it!
Week off... in hospital.  Depending on others... again!!  THANK YOU!!
close watch, personal goal.
time goes by toooooo fast!
family time, friend time, time for self!  seriously, where does the time go?!
this wasn't supposed to end like this! lesson learned.
back to you.  I did it.  Thank you.

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