Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Guess who's getting married?! 

NO!!  Not me!  Hahaha!!!

Chrissy from Love & Hip Hop... apparently (I had to get my little sunshine ready for bed, so I missed it) Jim finally proposed to his long time gf.  After 7 years, he finally popped the question.  She asked him in front of their family and friends.  But he didn't "accept".

So on my morning commute to work, me and my <3 were talking about it.  He doesn't like Chrissy at all, because of her past.  He says he doesn't think Jim should marry her... one of the reasons being she pretty much gave him an ultimatum.  He doesn't like being told... "you better ___, or I'mma ____!!!"  I understand where he's coming from... *BUT*

I told him, I understand where she is coming from... no one wants to be with someone for so many years (7 - YIKES!) and not know if they are going to go to the next step or not.  And then I gave him my example:

I've been with my job for 6 years already.  No promotion.  Ummm... at what point do you say enough is enough?! 

He's like noooo, that's totally different. 

I don't see how.

If person A in the relationship is feeling like that, they are entitled to say something about it.  And if person B doesn't do something about it, or just blow them off... chances are person A is going to pack up and move on.  If and when person A does leave, there's a possibility that person B will end up chasing person A down and ... oh forget it, I feel like I'm confusing myself!!!  But you get the point!!  LOL LOL LOL!

Would I like to get married?  Yes!  Now?!  No!  I've experienced too many failed marriages to want to jump out there.  I know every relationship works different.  I've seen some pretty solid marriages as well!  But I know that it takes a lot of work!

Prayerfully when I'm ready, my <3 will be as well.  It's all about communication!  And we talk!!  LOL!

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