Thursday, January 12, 2012

...bathroom etiquette...

I've been wanting to do this for a long time... but always said, "nahhhh, I'm not gonna go there..."  But enough is enough!

Someone needs to teach remind you ninjas!!

These are some things that bother me... although I'm sure there are plenty more.  Feel free to tell me about some things that bother you.

At home:
  • If I hang my wash cloth up, I expect for it to be there when I come back.  Please don't touch it.  I'm not touching yours!
  • If you take a dump... let folks know!  Spray, open a window, leave the door cracked, keep the vent on... ohhhh, and most importantly, flush!!!! 
  • Also, if need be, dump, flush, dump, flush, repeat... there is no reason for you to be clogging up toilets with your super dumps!
  • Don't squeeze my toothpaste from the middle! 

At work:
  • If there are 3 stalls, and one on the end is being occupied... be a dear and go to the other end.  I'm not gonna fake, I used to be the jerk in the middle stall!  LOL!
  • Please don't leave your droppings on or around the toilet!  If you drop anything, wipe it up!
  • Ughhhh, I can't stand the heffa that's checking her hair and leaving strands all over the place!  I have a serious problem with that! 
  • Also, if you are brushing your teeth in the public restroom, please make sure you rinse!!
Thank you!


  1. I use the middle stall because no one else does... I need to know my bowl is fresh and untainted. But if someone else is already in the bathroom, I will skip a stall to be nice. But let me get in there 1st... middle stall baby!

  2. you forgot to tell folk NOT to be on the phone in public bathrooms! How am I supposed to feel comfortable peeing while you on the phone???

    1. really?!? what does my being on the phone have 2 do with u peeing?!?