Wednesday, January 11, 2012

...the game...

Heyyyyy!  What's going on folks?!  It's Wednesday!  We've made it to the half-way mark!  YAY US!  I'm so looking forward to this weekend.  I have NOTHING planned!  And I get an extra day!!  Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.!  And a early happy birthday shout-out to my grandfather!  He's the most chill, stubborn dude!  But he's so consistent!  Gotta love him!  And he makes the best string beans!  I was just telling my mother that last night... I could eat the whole pot!  Seriously!  LOL!  Just add some salt & pepper to it... BOMB!

Okay, so "The Game" season 5 premiered last night.  It was an hour long... 33 minutes if you don't include the freaking commericals!  LOL!  I just want the networks to know that if you keep a show off of the air for a significant amount of time... and "we" fought to get it back on, we are going to want something BIG!  Granted commericals are good, just in case someone has to make a quick trip to the bathroom, or get something to drink...  but it is 2012 now.  Folks can pause live tv!  Don't give me 8 minutes of showtime and 10 minutes of commericals!  It should be a 2 commerical limit!

Okay... back to the post.  People killlllll me!  I've realized time and time again, that we are never satisfied.  The show is back on, we want it to be back on longer.  They give us an "hour" premier, we mad because of all the commericals (looking at myself in the mirror).  The story lines are all over the place.  The plot seems to be too much.  Oh no Jason didn't just get married in Mexico to Brandy's character.  Oh my gosh, that girl died in Malik's garage.  If Derwin really got over it, why he didn't come home.  If all of Melanie's ex's gonna show up, they better show that fine a$$ gump Tyrone.  Jenae needs to get smacked for acting like that.  Did you see Derwin knock Trey Wiggs out?!  "Dammmmmnnnn" - Tee Tee voice... speaking of which, I want some wings!  LMBO!  Their acting sucks!  Why this gotta come on a Tuesday night?!

These are comments that I've made as well as comments that I saw on Twitter and Facebook.  I'm just happy that the show is back!  I won't complain!  Maybe it's a good thing this show comes on a Tuesday night and not Friday or Saturday, so I won't go to any "The Game" type parties.  I don't like folks talking during my shows.  I can turn real mean if you talk when my shows are on.  You know how men do when women talk during games, just get mean... yeah... that's me!

It's a new year... let's complain a little less!  It's not that serious!  Focus on the positive... the show is back on!  There's so much that we have to look forward to with the show, let's not focus on this one episode.  Give it time... or just stop watching!! 


  1. I didnt want to complain either because it USED to be my FAVORITE show!!! I still can watch the reruns over and over, but... it just isn't the same. When "they" brought it back, they shoulda brought it back how WE loved it! As a comedy! not a soap opera.... I am still tuned it, hoping it gets better. But it truly just seems forced, far fetched, extra... and the list goes on. I will still be watching! That show that comes on after is even more a MESS!!! they need to do better by "us"!

  2. Awww man! I forgot to say something about "Let's Stay Together"... I didn't give that show a chance last season. But this weekend, I was watching the reruns and it was actually good. I'm going to watch it this season, but it'll have to be DVR'ed, because I can't keep staying up until 11!

    and mums the word to The Game! I treat it like Redskins fans do their team... I'm going to suppoort it and love it and be there for it! LOL!

  3. I couldn't believe some of the things that were being said as i scrolled through twitter and FB. We fought so hard to bring it back, why complain now? So when its taken away again...the drama to bring it back happen. Of course I didn't like everything that went on during the show but hey it gave us all the drama we needed to tune in next week and I will be doing that. I love the show let's stay together I'm little confused about what is going on but i tuned in for that too!

  4. well i was devastated when the show went off CW but thats before folks really caught on to the show, im glad its an hour and yes I STILL COMPLAINED becuz last nights premiere SUCKED BALLZ >:< like no really, it was soooo borin n all over the place n just not realistic. Jason and his wack azz daughter moment was AWFUL; what would a dad REALLY do when he sees u smoochin wit some random dude in front of the movies? ugh, i just hope the show gets better as we go on. im so used to the arrogant n cocky Malik that i aint interested in the NEW malik :7