Thursday, January 19, 2012


Happy Friday Eve!  ;-)  Hope your day is going great... I really don't have much to talk about, but I'm sure my rambling fingers will find a few things to discuss. 

Ohh, let's start with traffic!  I have the worst case of road rage when I have to be some where by a certain time.  So this morning, I couldn't get out of the bed for nothing!  I stayed in the bed until close to 7... by that time, I'm normally eating breakfast at the table with my little sunshine.  So... we got out the house in record timing.  Get to the beltway, and it's standstill!  Seriously?!  Seriously?!  I had to chill out, because the amount of traffic meant someone was hurt.  I don't like feeling like I'm rushing and some one's life could be in jeopardy.  You know what I mean?!  So after about an hour and some change, I finally made it to the kid's school.

Ummm... my birthday is less than a month away!  I'll be 30!!  Yikes!  I won't be able to do what I wanted to do.  And I can tell you, because heck, maybe you need an idea or 2!  But I wanted to do something every weekend.  In my mind, that was the plan.  In no particular order...  Okay, so here it is.  I wanted to have a 90's party.  I was going to ask my homie to DJ because I know he has more than enough 90's music!  I honestly wanted folks to come in there dressed like someone from the 90's too... Can you imagine Jodeci, Biggie, Mary J. & SWV all in the same spot!  I was too hype (in my mind!)...  I loveeeeddd growing up in the 90's.  I couldn't imagine being a child now.  Yikes!  Okay, so 90's party was one weekend... Then I wanted to go on a ski trip.  I think this would've been perfect to go to with my girls and their dudes.  Just a weekend getaway.  Awesome!  I also wanted to go to All Star Weekend.  The last time I wanted to go I was 8 months pregnant with my little sunshine... 5 years ago!!  It was in Vegas, I've never been to Vegas... that would've been the perfect "kill 2 birds with 1 stone"... Okay, so that's only 3 weekends.  Let me think, let me think... the "last" weekend, I would've wanted to do something that I barely (or never have) get to do.. like go to the spa!  Seriously pamper myself, head to toe... Shopping spree!  Or how about a mini-getaway, like go to the Harbor for the weekend.  I think that would be nice. 

My little sunshine, who I think I will call "Stabs" from now on - on here.  My hair stylist always asks me about her on gchat, but her auto correct always changes her name to "Stabs"  Hahahaha!!  Okay, so Stabs wanted to tell me about her birthday idea... granted she's been talking about this since sometime last year.  And her birthday isn't until April.  But I'm glad that she knows what she wants.  She's been saying she wants to have a party at Pump It Up.  She also told me that she wants to have a "sleep over party."  Ummm, I think she's going to have to wait another year or 2.  And she said she wanted to have a party at Chuck E. Cheese.  She loves that place and is always asking me if we can go there.  Oh, and let's not forget she does want to have something at school as well!  SMH!  I wanted to have a kiddie cabaret for her, but I think I'll wait until she gets a little older.  I think that would be too cute!  But since she is turning 5, I definitely wanted to take advantage.  I have a few things up my sleeve.  And I hope that at the end of the day she's happy!  I was telling my mom about Stabs birthday ideas over the weekend, and this little monster walks up to the table with my cell phone playing "if you loveeee me, like you say you doooo... won't you showww meee..."  We looked at each other and laughed so hard!  I have no clue how she found that song, but it was so on point!

Oh, before I go... let me tell you about my other baby.  She's growing like crazy!  I have less than 9 weeks left.  She's been moving and shifting and just all over the place.  So this weekend, I felt like I was having an "Alien" moment.  I was sitting on the couch, very relaxed.  That's when she does the most moving... when I'm chilling.  Go figure!  So, as I'm sitting down, I see this little part of my stomach lift up.  I touch it, and I swear I can feel her fingers!!  I just knew I was dreaming.  It was the most amazing feeling ever!  I couldn't believe it.  I still can't.  It's just so weird to know that I'm creating life!  I mean, I know I'm not doing it all on my own, shout out to my homie GOD!  But thinking about her inside of me and then looking at Stabs... wow!  They are a part of me!  Beautiful!  Okay, now that I'm getting myself all emotional, it's time to go! 

PEACE!!  ...until the next time...

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