Thursday, January 5, 2012 goes on...

So this morning I was listening to The Steve Harvey Morning Show.  There was a lady who sent in a strawberry letter.  The letter was titled "Need Time To Heal".  She was saying that she had a miscarriage at 3 months, and she was very devastated (as I can only imagine).  She also mentioned that her sister was pregnant at the time and a week after her loss, called her telling her the exciting news about her pregnancy and how she wanted her help for her baby shower.  Sister in mourning said no, and asked her to give her some time so she can move on from this.  The following week, she received a maternity pic in the mail with her sister's bare belly and how many months she was.  After that, the sister's husband contacted the pregnant sister and told her not to contact her sister again.  Steve's advice, in a nut shell, "life goes on..."

Yes, we all are experiencing this thing called life.  Some folks appear to have it all together.  Others are just a mess!  We all have trials and tribulations.  But it's up to us... We can let things break us all the way down and stay there.  Or we can learn from these things and move on.

I may not be the perfect person to talk about this, but I have experienced a helluva lot of things.  Things that at the time I didn't know how I would get out of them.  But guess what, I survived!  ::cues music::  "we fall down, but we get up!  ...get back up again..."  It's weird that this song is actually on right now. God is good! 

When you go thru something that seems like the end of the world, and you actually survive it... it makes you stronger.  It helps you become a better person. 

Last year I went thru a few things, and didn't know when I would get out the hole.  But I'm working on that now.  I'm not completely out, but I'm close.  A few of my closest friends went thru some dramatic things, but they survived. 

As hard as it may be when you are going thru it, don't think about the "now"... think about the "after".  Think about how much stronger, better, wiser you will be.  And thru it all... PRAY!  You won't be able to do this on your own, so please keep God in it.  He's the One that can help you out.  He can put the right people in your life to help you.  He can give you the peace of mind that you may need so you don't go crazy.

And always remember... "life goes on"!

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