Monday, February 13, 2012

...happy birthday...

This weekend was amazing!  I took off from work on Friday to get a few things taken care of.  I'm so thankful that I was able to, because there's just never enough time in the day to do what I need to do.  I went to the Dr and that Dr was straight tripping!  I can't wait to see my doctor again!  But this one said that she thinks I'm measuring at 38 weeks... I'm only 34!  I mean it could be possible, but seriously.  She also said that the black on my neck is an indication that I could be pre-diabetes!  Ummmm.... my neck isn't black lady!  Check your light!  LOL!  Then she goes online and finds some link saying that this is the disease that I could possible have.  When you get a chance, google some of the images!  YUCK!  I just grossed myself out looking at them.  But I honestly think that Dr was coo-coo!  Sometimes you can't always listen to what these doctors say... they will have you thinking the worst!  And she said she wanted me to go get another sonogram to see why my baby is so big.  SMH!  I'm sooo looking forward to next week when I get to see my Dr again! 

Saturday, my family and friends got together to throw me a baby shower.  Everything turned out amazing!!  I know how it is to throw one, and this one was just beyond what I expected!  The weather wasn't the greatest, of course!  Whenever my mom would plan something for me as a child for my bday, the weather turned out to be the worst!  But after 30 minutes or so everyone started to come in.  My hostesses wanted me to come in and sit down, but as soon as one person came in the door, someone else was parking.  I wanted to know who was coming up in there!  LOL!  The food was so good!  Chicken, meatballs (even tho I don't eat them), string beans, mac and cheese, pasta salad - 2 or 3 different kinds, macaroni salad, chocolate covered strawberries, spinach dip, spring rolls... everything was so good!  Oh and for dessert, we had cupcakes (chocolate with oreo frosting & vanilla with hot pink frosting), cake pops, strawberry shortcake, my BG's pound cake.  Baby A got so much stuff!  Lots of PINK stuff!  Stabs got some "big sister" gifts as well!  She was happy, I was happy, B.D. was happy!  It was a good day!  After it was over, Stabs literally put her face in the strawberry shortcake to eat it.  SMH!  I just let her do her thing!  LOL!  Oh, and there were some take-home items for the guests.  They were too cute!  Pink & Black everything!

Yesterday was my birthday!  I was so exhausted from Saturdays get together, and my throat was a little itchy.  So I got me some homemade tea and put some lemon slices in there... it was sooo good!  I need to get me some more this evening!  I wanted to bring some with me today for work, but forgot!  Oh, so yesterday... my mom made breakfast, and me being me... I couldn't sit still... so I helped out.  After I got myself together, I went to my friends' house.  My girls were going to make dinner for me and we were going to watch Brides Maids.  The food was so good!  Oven fried chicken, potatoes and fried cabbage.  And for dessert - brownie sundaes!!  And that movie was too funny!  I watched it before, but didn't get to enjoy it like I did yesterday... probably because it was just us and no interruptions!  In a previous blog, I said what I would've done for my 30th if I wasn't preggers.  But yesterday I did exactly what I needed to do... hang with family and friends and relax.  I'm getting down to the end of my pregnancy and I can't move around like I want.  I'm so tired! 

So here's to another year!  =D  I'm sooo thankful to God for allowing me to see another year.  I wanted to be down about turning 30, but it is such a blessing!  Especially with so much that's going on in the world right now.  New year, new opportunities, new blessings, new baby!!  My 20's were about learning!  I'm excited to see what the 30's will have in store for me.

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