Thursday, August 30, 2012


Okay, so after a thousand years of complaining about how I don't like this set up... I finally do!  Let me explain:  I am totally against downloading things onto my computer at work, because I don't want to get in trouble for anything.  HOWEVER, after months of ignoring it... I finally uploading to Google Chrome... and I am loving it!!!  This moves sooo much faster!  And I'm able to see all of the options that I need to see here for my blogging fun!  Yay!  I don't like when I'm being stubborn about something, and I finally give in and realize how much greater it is!  Argggg!!!  I was the same way about Chipotle, and now I'm in love with it!  Granted I get the same thing every single time, but it is just that damn good!  So that is my "...duh..." moment.

Moving on, I have a project ... or I should say Stabs has a project due tomorrow.  I waited until the last minute, because Monday, I wasn't thinking about it.  Tuesday, we had Back To School night.  Finally, yesterday, I tried to print out the pictures I needed, and was unable to!!!!  But I did get the poster board and correct glue, so I'm looking forward to getting it done.  NOW, I just need to get some pictures from Facebook.  I tried before lunch to do this on CVS website, but I was unsuccessful, so I went to the actual store... And again, unsuccessful!  So, now that I've downloaded/uploaded this G.C., I'm going to try again!  **clicks on new tab**

...bare with me... ...I have a serious case of self-diagnosed ADHD, so I ****HAVE**** to do this now while I'm thinking about it...

Going thru these pictures, makes me realize how animated my child really is.  She is full of personality!  And I love it!!!

ALSO, going thru these pics... my hair has gone thru sooo much!  I'm thankful that I have pics to show how much it's changed over the years.  But I'm really loving this natural right now.

**Crossing fingers that it works**

Just called my good friend... she said she'll print them out for me in color!!  Thank God for putting the right people in my life at the right time!

I don't even know what I originally wanted to blog about, but this looks good!  LOL!  OHHHHH...

I went to The Liberation Tour on Sunday with my good friend!  The tour was headlining Mary J. and she had D'Angelo and Melanie Fiona with her.  We didn't get to see much of M.F., we thought the show started at 7:30, and right as I'm leaving out, we figure out the show started at 7... so I'm speeding down the beltway to go pick up the GF, and of course there is some of the nastiest rain going on.  So needless to say, we were only able to see a few songs.  Then D comes out... he isn't as big as the mug shot pics that were floating around a few years ago, but he's still a "healthy" size.  Let me tell you tho... that hair on his head!!!  YIKES!  I'm going to need him to decide on a style and stick to it.  You will not come out to DC looking like a hot mess, because we will talk about you.  I want him to stay away, far far away, from the Alfalfa look!  Your braids or whatever them things is, shouldn't be going every which a way!  Hahaha!!  And please don't be speeding up them slow songs... how am I supposed to sing along with you?  LOL!  Selfish??  Moving on to the amazing Mary J. motherloving Blige!!  I can't even remember what songs she performed, other than "Everything" - my most favoritest song!!  Oh, and she did "Real Love" "I'm Going Down" (with her going down in the background!) ...ummm my memory sucks, you know that by now!  But she did her dance... I love to see her do her thing.  It's like the "Diddy Boop", but not!  Overall, she did a wonderful job!  And I'm sooo thankful that I was able to attend!  Shout out to my GF, her boyfriend, and mine... because without those 3, I wouldn't have been able to go!  You all rock!!  ;-)

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