Wednesday, September 5, 2012


GM loves!  Hope everyone is having a blessed day!  We survived the "summer"... I've noticed so many folks saying that this past weekend is the unofficial last weekend of summer... and you want to know what I have to say to that... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  I ain't wanna hear that!  I didn't get to end my summer with a bang!  I didn't get to go to the Made In America tour - which I only found out about thru Twitter.  I didn't get to go to any cookouts.  I didn't get to eat any crabs like I wanted to.  So, until I'm able to do at least one of these things, I'm dragging summer ouuuutttttt!!!  Oh, and with all this humidity that we are experiencing now, best believe it's still summer!  So all you Fall Lovers can put your knee high boots away!  I'll be in sandals until the paint chips off of my toes.  LOL!

Okay, so lets talk about the subject at hand...  "Motherhood!"

I'm still surprised that I am the mother of 2!  Someone posted yesterday on twitter saying that if you are going to have multiple children, you have to be a pro at multi-tasking!  And I think I am... last night for instance, I was able to make dinner, feed the baby, keep myself hydrated with some refreshing water, and keep my 5 year old entertained.  I'm trying to limit her amount of tv during the week, and sometimes that means I have to do more.  I don't mind, because I would rather her enjoy her 1-2 shows, as opposed to 2-3 hours, if not more.  I'm trying to revamp that child into something great!  She needs to just chill out and let me.  LOL!  I'm trying to get her to drink more water... she's so stubborn, that she would rather not drink at all.  I don't want her drinking so much juice, because I don't want her teeth to rot or for her to start gaining unnecessary pounds.  I'll do that for her... but you know you have to lead by example, so I'm drinking more water at home.  My grandparents used to tell me all the time that it was a treat to get certain things... and I want to bring that into my household.  I don't want her to expect nothing!  You want to know what you can expect.  You can expect a roof over your head.  You can expect for me to love you unconditionally.  You can expect for me to feed you!  No we don't have to go to Chick Fil A or Five Guys every week.  That's a treat!  Don't expect for me to get you the lastest new and approved toys.  Especially when you can't even clean up the ones that you have right here in front of you.  Let's go back to the tv... don't expect that just because you want to watch your shows, means that when the tv comes on, you are going to watch!!!  **looking at Stabs**  Other people are entitled to watch tv... and little girl, you better not be walking around with the remote in your hand!  LMBO!  I'm laughing because that child really thinks that when it's her time to watch tv, that she's the boss of the remote control.  Yesterday, we all were home because she wasn't feeling good, and baby Wolfie wasn't either.  So she watched tv all morning, I wanted to watch Rachel Ray at 10 and The Chew at 1, so I made an agreement with her...Let me watch my 2 shows, and you can watch what you want to in between.  I'm still mad that she knows how to control that controller.  She has to go from one channel to the next trying to look at everything at once.  I'm sure if she knew how to control the picture in picture feature, she would do that too... wait is that still an option?  LOL!

Okay, so yesterday I had the pleasure of staying home with both girls.  They weren't feeling so hot, so instead of sending one to grandma's and the other to school, and possibly being miserable, I opted to keep them both home with me.  Now let me tell you... after being in the house with them for 3 days, by midday yesterday, I was ready to get back to work!!!  That little one is so demanding!  And the big one is too!  I couldn't do anything without them yelling at me (Wolfie) or asking me a million and one questions (Stabs)!!  Goodness gracious!  That's exactly why I decided to do this blog... to let folks know.  This. Ain't. Easy!  It takes a special person to be a parent.  You have to be loving, compassionate, stern, nurturing, and so much more.  You have to realize that these are kids and babies... they are miniature people!!  They have feelings!  Some times they are in the greatest spirits.  Other times they are down.  Unfortunately they can't express themselves like we can.  All we can do is try to understand them and be there for them.  Physically!  Love on them.  Let them know that they are not alone in this world!  They don't have to go searching for love in the wrong places.  You are there and will be there to point them in the right direction.  In the words (not word for word tho) of my Pastor... Take Care of Your Kids!!!!


  1. good post! "Being a parent" is tough! having kids and being a parent are not the same... I was just telling someone this the other day. If more people parented their kids, it would make my job as a parent so much easier. This "unparented" kid is bullying my kid, so now I am on parenting double duty! urrgh! Take care of yo kids. Pay attention to them, so they dont need to act out and bully my baby! Pray for me! :)
    good job with the expectation thing. It is a good thing. I have some kids in my house that know LIFE IS A TREAT! and some others who feel entitled about everything... different mothers! I need to whip those J girls into shape! lol

  2. Thanks Tam!! Life is a treat! These kids better realize that what they do have is awesome because there are plenty of kids that don't have the half of what they do. When the girls get old enough I'm going to take them to do lots of volunteer work. Right now, we are doing small things (getting rid of these toys - give them to the less fortunate)... LOL! Tell those J girls to get hip, or be left behind! LOL! LOL!