Thursday, October 11, 2012 love...

Heyyyyyy!!!  Happy 10-11-12!!  How awesome is that?!  Like we won't have this moment again!  I know other folks like when the day month and year are the same... and unfortunately this will be the last year that we'll be able to do that for a while!!

Okay, so there's a new reality show out now showcasing black love.  I'm such a fan!  I love all the "happy ending" type stories!  Keyshia Cole went missing for a moment after her last show, she comes back married and with a child.  How cute!  I remember tweeting Monica a while ago asking her if she would do a reality show for her and her boo Shannon fine a$$ Brown.... not even realizing that she did try (and failed in my eyes) with her reality.  I mean, I love her, she's cool, but at the time there was nothing but drama shows on and hers was quite boring.  But now that I'm a little better with the tv crap that I let into my body (but not totally - I still love me some ratchet tv!), I realized it wasn't that bad after all.  But again, I would love to see her boo on the tizube, but he seems kinda to himself, so I'm sure they won't be airing out their relationship.  Okay, so back to Keyshia!  The show premiered on Tuesday, after the awards.  Let me tell you, I LOVED IT!  I saw some folks say they wanted her mother to act up, they didn't understand why she gotta go to counseling, she needs a nanny, and some more.  But ummmm.... I honestly enjoyed it!  So let me ask this question... are people really that unhappy with their life/relationship that they have to put others down?  Even when I wasn't involved, I wanted everyone around me to be happy in their relationship.  I was living thru them.  I wanted them to go far!  Yes, all relationships are not perfect.  It does take a lot of work to make it.  But that's with anything.  If you have a car, you know that you will need gas, oil & filter change, as well as some maintenance to make sure it works.  That car isn't going to be like it was when you first got it.  It's going to take some work for you to be able to make it.  Even within your self, you need to do things daily to make sure you function properly... eat, shower, exercise, WORK!  Nothing in this life is easy.  You are going to have to work to make it great!  I just LOVE love!  I want everyone to be happy... maybe watching all of those Disney movies all those years have this effect on me... wanting the happy ending!  I don't know what it is.  But I'm going to enjoy the love that I have.  And I really want you to enjoy the love you have.  And if you don't have it, don't fret... love yourself!  I went a LONG time not being in a relationship.  I had "friends" here and there, but I honestly think they were there to help me out with the one I have now.  They were my prep!  HA!  Oh and another thing that I learned... what you see happening in another relationship doesn't mean that you should try to emulate it.  That's for them.  Not necessarily for you.  You know what I mean.  Do what's best for you and yours.  Make you happy!  Don't depend on no one else.

Look at me trying to be a fake relationship expert!  HA!  I'm really not.  I'm just tired of seeing so many people putting so much negativity into the air.  There are other reasons to be mad... don't be mad at someone's love.  You don't know what that other person is doing for them.  If you don't like it, don't be bothered with it.  Mind your business.  And if it's on tv, just don't watch it.  Trust me, they ain't tripping!

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