Thursday, November 22, 2012


As this wonderful holiday comes to a close, I decided to come give you guys a visit! I think this is one of my favorite holidays... Yup it can be in my top 5! (alongside my birthday, Christmas, 4th of July & Memorial Day - kickoff summer!) Okay, so this holiday was bittersweet. I'll start with the sweets! One of my favorite couples are engaged!! I'm so super excited for them! :-D I was able to help my grandma with dinner & I think I got the hang of a few items... yup, I was keeping my eyes open. Lol! I was able to spend time with my <3's family. Now on the bitter side... I didn't get to hang with my dad or his side of my family. My brother & uncle wasn't able to come home. I got a little sick from drinking too much too fast. LOL! I guess that was my own fault. Also, I wasn't able to get it in like I normally do... I guess that's a good thing considering this trick asked me what I was having yesterday at Pizza Hut... "thats fat b*tch!" Lmbooo!!! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Please be safe out there if you plan on going shopping on Black Friday. Love you loves!!!

Oh!! I'm thankful for beautiful happy healthy smart girls! I'm thankful for my awesome relationship with my <3! I'm thankful for my family & friends. I'm thankful for second, third, & forth chances. I'm thankful for the future.

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